Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Announced – S23 Ultra gets a new 200MP camera

It’s that time of year again. Samsung has announced its latest flagship series of phones for the year, and as always, these set the benchmark for a flagship Android phone for the upcoming year. Samsung has deviated from previous trends this year. This is the first time that phones will be using a Qualcomm chipset … Read more

Anker Ace Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S23 & S22 Series Launched – 45W Anker 313 Charger is £25/$30

Anker has today announced two new chargers designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The press release only references the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be announced in a few hours, so it is safe to assume they are targeting this launch. Considering Samsung no longer ship a charger with the … Read more

Realme GT Neo 5 is confirmed to have 240W and the fastest charging on the market. Global launch this year.

Realme has not officially launched the GT Neo 5, yet, but they have just confirmed that this phone will have 240W charging. This is the fastest charging speed under the USB Type-C standard. This will also mean that Realme has to use its own special USB cable. The USB cable has four 21AWG wires just … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 8200 announced providing a frequency improvement on the Cortex-A78 cores vs Dimensity 8100

Today, MediaTek announced the new Dimensity 8200. Following the normal trend for these releases, this is an incremental upgrade to the already excellent MediaTek Dimensity 8100. It is basically the same chipset but with the Cortex-A78 running at improved frequencies. In this case, MediaTek has provided the chipset with a moderate bump in performance, they … Read more

Voxi vs Smarty vs GiffGaff vs Lebara – Black Friday Deals – Which monthly SIM-only is cheapest? PAYG rolling monthly SIM deals

While 24-month phone contract deals remain popular, over the years, many people have realised it is more cost-efficient to buy a phone upfront and then get a SIM-only deal. You can normally get the best deals by committing to a 12-month contract. However, in recent years rolling monthly PAYG style contracts have become increasingly popular. … Read more

Best phones from the 2000s – The best decade for mobile phones

Following on from my previous post about the best phones of the 1990s, this post covers what I think is the most exciting era of mobile phones. Back in these days, companies would regularly launch innovative, cutting-edge technologies, with new phone launches often having a huge leap in technological improvements. It was also an era … Read more

Best phones from the 1990s – A look back to when the mobile phone industry was more exciting

The mobile phone has grown to become one of the most essential items in our life. We take them everywhere; many of us rarely use the phone functions but use them for messages, contactless payments, photography, GPS and online shopping. They are a marvel of modern technology and almost feel like something from a piece … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Chipset Announced Powering Flagship Phones for 2023

A few days after MediaTek announced their flagship chipset for 2023, Qualcomm announced their new flagship, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will remain on the 4nm TSMC fabrication process, but it is unclear if this is the 2nd gen 4nm like the MediaTek counterpart. The new Prime core will … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Announced with Arm Cortex X3 & Immortalis G715 GPU

Today, MediaTek announced the new flagship Dimensity 9200. The Dimensity 9200 is the first smartphone chip to integrate an ultra-core Arm Cortex X3 with operating speeds over 3GHz, and the first to feature the Arm Immortalis GPU with a hardware-based ray tracing engine. During my pre-brief, perhaps one of the most important takeaways was that … Read more

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases & AlignMaster GLAS.tR Screen Protector Review – Also available on Pixel 7

I didn’t think the Pixel 7 series was enough of an upgrade for me to justify switching from my Pixel 6, so I have not been able to review any Pixel 7 cases. However, Spigen has kindly sent me some samples of the Pixel 6 cases, all of which are also available for both the … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 1080 vs 1050 vs 920 Chipsets Compared – Another confusing addition to the MediaTek line up

I love that over the past few years, MediaTek has become a viable alternative to Qualcomm for mid-range and flagship chipsets. In my opinion, the Dimensity 8100 is one of the best chipsets this year, providing a good balance of price, performance and efficiency. However, MediaTek loves to churn out new iterations of their chipsets, … Read more

Best Cases for Pixel 7 / Pro & Will a Pixel 6 / 6 Pro case fit?

Yesterday, Google announced the new, much-anticipated Pixel 7 series. The launch is a bit underwhelming, especially when you consider the significant upgrades the Pixel 6 series launched with. The Pixel 7 series is almost identical to the previous generation, apart from the new Google Tensor G2. Even the chipset itself hasn’t changed much, and early … Read more

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs 6 Pro Benchmarks – How much better is the Tensor G2 vs Google Tensor

Later on today, Google will announce the new Pixel 7 series, which will feature the second generation custom-built Google Tensor G2. Last year, the Google Tensor was launched with mixed opinions. It was built on the same Samsung fabrication process as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and was the only chipset to feature two Arm Cortex-X1 … Read more

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