Garmin ECG app launches on Venu 2 Plus in the US – No word on the FR965, yet

Yesterday, I reported that the Garmin Forerunner 965 and FR265 could be launching soon. A retailer had listed both of the watches with a placement page, and this is a trend we have seen happen with Garmin launches before. Even Garmin can’t stick to their own embargos as they regularly put products live well before … Read more

Garmin Forerunner 965 & FR265 launching soon with AMOLED screens – FR965 could be priced at £600/€650/$650

After a busy summer of launches, Garmin hasn’t had any big releases for a few months. The Garmin Bounce was launched in January, and the Garmin Instinct Crossover in November. The Garmin MARQ Gen2 launched in October, it’s based on the Garmin Epix, but due to the price, it is quite a niche product. It … Read more

Vivoo 2.0 Smart Urine Test Strips Review – Keto testing & health insights such as hydration, vitamins C and calcium

I am a big fan of all things to do with health technology. I used to be very unfit and unhealthy, and using technology has helped me understand my body better and how to improve both my health and fitness performance. I am also getting old, so monitoring various health aspects has become increasingly important. … Read more

Withings U-Scan Announced – Forget fitness wearables, this piece of health tech is for your toilet

At CES 2023, Withings unveiled its most unusual piece of health tech to date, the Withings U-Scan. This is a breakthrough in-home biomarker analysis platform, and it goes inside your toilet. One of the company’s most technologically advanced devices to date, U-Scan is a miniaturized health lab that hygienically sits within any toilet bowl to … Read more

Valencell Calibration Free, Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Announced. Expected to cost $99 – CES 2023

I have covered quite a few blood pressure monitors over the years. I think it is an important health metric to monitor regardless of age or fitness. We live in a stressful world, and the majority of people in the UK and the US are overweight. Monitoring your blood pressure is a good way to … Read more

DH Lifelabs Sciaire Mini + HEPA Air Purifier Review : Do air ionisers work?

I have covered air purifiers and indoor air quality quite a lot in the past couple of years. For the air purifiers, these have all just been based on HEPA filters. Even though air purifiers can get expensive, they are essentially just big fan shoving air through a filter, which does make you question why … Read more

Oral-B iO Series 8 vs iO9 vs Oral-B Genius X – Black Friday 2022 Deals

This post was originally written in February 2020. While I was a little critical of the Oral-B IO at first, this was more due to the over-inflated prices toothbrushes launch at. Amazon currently states its RRP as £449.99, which is enough to buy a decent laptop or a decent phone. However, as always, almost immediately … Read more

Mio Cyclo Discover Pal GPS Bike Computer Review

Mio is best known for its range of dash cams and in-car navigation systems. However, they have also used their GPS and mapping technology to produce a range of bike computers. These computers are more focused on casual cyclists rather than the stats-obsessed fitness-focused cyclists that Garmin and Wahoo appeal to. The Cyclo Discover Pal … Read more

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM V2 Dual-Band GPS Bike Computer Review – 2022, 2nd Gen model

Early in October, Wahoo announced a refresh to the ELEMNT ROAM. This is an incremental upgrade with the product retaining its name, but to avoid confusion, I will refer to it as the ELEMNT ROAM V2. While I have reviewed quite a lot of smartwatches and multi-sport watches, I have not reviewed many bike computers, … Read more

Wahoo Dual Band GPS ELEMNT ROAM Announced Plus Supersapiens & Wahoo X Integration

Wahoo has just announced an incremental refresh of the popular ELEMNT ROAM. As the title suggests, the main upgrade is the shift to a new dual-band GPS chipset which will provide enhanced navigation. However, they have made minor upgrades across the board. The new bike computer has enhanced navigation, updated Summit Segments Climb, a higher … Read more

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 Bluetooth Earbuds Initial Impressions Review – Cheaper & arguably better vs Bose Sleepbuds, Kokoon Nightbuds and QuietOn

Soundcore by Anker has launched its first pair of sleep earbuds. These join a small but growing list of in-ear devices that aim to help sleep, predominantly by reducing external noise. I have had these earbuds for a bit over a week, but I was unfortunately not provided the beta APK for the Soundcore app … Read more

Wahoo KICKR v6 and KICKR BIKE v2 launch with WiFi priced at £1,099.99 and £3,499.99, respectively

Today, Wahoo has announced a refresh of their flagship direct drive KICKR turbo trainer and the second generation of the KICKR BIKE. There is not a great deal to announce here, both devices are identical to the previous generation, but they now have WiFi. The KICKR V5, which was launched two years ago, introduced the … Read more

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