Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Review- Are these the best budget studio monitors?

The Edifier MR4 was launched last year, and these appear to be the first speakers that Edifier classes as studio monitors. These are designed to be more accurate than other speakers, and they are normally used for production work. Specification Design The Edifier MR4 adopt a generic but attractive design for studio monitors. They are … Read more

Tronsmart T7 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Competition

Following on from yesterday’s giveaway for the Edifier MP230 portable Bluetooth speaker, I am now giving away my review sample of the Tronsmart T7. This isn’t quite as refined as the Edifier MP230, but it is surprisingly loud. It’s IPX7, so it can handle getting wet, and its rubberized design makes it quite durable. I … Read more

Audio Pro C5 MKII Speaker Review – A multiroom Sonos alternative with an attractive design

Speakers are not normally the best-looking pieces of technology in your home. This is fine by me, I value functionality over form, but every time I get a new speaker, I have to deal with my partners’ disapproval. She is not happy about my recent subwoofer purchase. For people who like things to look nice … Read more

Creative Pebble Pro Announced for £66

Creative Technology today launched Creative Pebble Pro, the popular Pebble speaker series’ latest and best addition, which boasts a compelling mix of size-defying audio quality, minimalist elegance in form, and a subtle yet distinctive personable touch of RGB lighting to adorn any desktop setup.   Creative Pebble Pro lights up every desktop with its minimalist goodness.  … Read more

Edifier S1000W Announced for £400 – An Updated S1000MKII with WiFi, AirPlay & Hi-Res Tidal

Edifier has launched its new wireless bookshelf speaker -the S1000W. Looking at the specification, this takes the excellent S1000MKII and adds in WiFi and all the services you associate with a WiFi speaker, including AirPlay 2, Alexa, Spotify and Tidal Connect. The WiFi connectivity also allows this speaker to be grouped with other speakers in … Read more

Airpulse A100 Active Speaker Review vs Edifier S3000 Pro

I have worked my way through most of the excellent Edifier active speakers, and more recently, I have been checking out the premium Airpulse range. Similar to Klipsch, the defining feature of these speakers is the horn-loaded tweeters which helps the speaker produce a wide dynamic range producing detailed highs and low distortion. When I … Read more

Marshall Emberton II Review – A Small but mighty portable Bluetooth speaker

The Marshall Emberton launched a couple of years ago and has been a universally well-reviewed speaker thanks to its attractive retro design and excellent sound quality. The Marshall Emberton II has some small but useful improvements, and this continues to be a superb choice for anyone looking for a premium but small portable speaker. Specification … Read more

Tronsmart T7 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review

Following on from my Tronsmart Bang Mini review, I have been checking out the affordable Tronsmart T7. This is a 30W portable outdoor speaker that you can buy on Amazon UK for around £35. Specification Audio Codecs: SBC Bluetooth Version: 5.3 Bluetooth Range: Up to 18m/59ft (Open Area) Input Power: 5V/2A, via Type-C port Output … Read more

Edifier MP230 Retro Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Likely inspired by the beautiful Airpulse P100X, the MP230 is the latest speaker from Edifier and one of the few portable Bluetooth speakers they do. It is attractively priced at £100, and the retro design makes this quite a unique product for the portable Bluetooth speaker market, with most speakers being ugly rubber-coated black plastic. … Read more

Best Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Camping / Pool / Summer in 2022

It feels like summer is threatening to be over up north, but following the recent hot days and several BBQs, I wanted to find the best portable outdoor speaker. I have reviewed quite a few portable Bluetooth speakers over the years, but it has been at least four years since I reviewed a decent speaker, … Read more

GravaStar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

GravaStar is a niche company that specialises in “cool Sci-Fi speakers with immersive sound”. They have the most unique designs I have seen from any Bluetooth speaker brand on the market, but do the speakers sound good? Specification 2.5″ full-range speaker, and 1″ high-frequency tweeter provide crystal clear & distortion-free sound Light up your space … Read more

Edifier MS50A Smart Speaker Review – Spotify & Alexa but no microphone for improved privacy

Edifier has predominantly focussed on active speakers and TWS earbuds. They are now expanding into the increasingly competitive market of smart speakers. The Edifier MS50A is a good first attempt as well. It is a compelling choice thanks to its reasonably low price tag and smart speaker functionality without the privacy concerns of an always-listening … Read more

Airpulse P100X Review – A Premium Retro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Last month I reviewed the excellent Airpulse A80 stereo speakers. This month I have been checking out the new Airpulse P100X, which is a multi-driver wireless desktop speaker system with a beautiful retro-inspired design. Specification Colour Cherry Wood Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1 with APTX HD Power Amplifiers 2 x 10W + 40W Mid-woofer 4.5″ Aluminium Cone … Read more

Airpulse A80 Review – How do they sound vs the Edifier S3000 Pro?

Airpulse is the premium sub-brand of popular Edifier. This premium brand is headed up by audio designer Phil Jones, who was also the original founder of the British audio company Acoustic Energy. Much like famed audio brand Klipsch, one of the defining features of the Airpulse range is the use of horned tweeters, which allows … Read more

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