Are Ad Blockers Trustworthy?

Ad blockers have become a popular solution for many people. They prevent online ads from disrupting the browsing experience while at the same time restoring the usability of a website. While ad blockers have great potential, they are not infallible. There are some concerns regarding their security and privacy. Some of these concerns include malware … Read more

Maximum HDMI 2.1 Cable Length – How long can an HDMI 2.1 cable be for 4K 120Hz & how to extend an HDMI cable?

Most good quality 4K TVs that are launched are capable of 4K @ 120Hz and feature HDMI 2.1. This is primarily used for gaming and is featured on the PS5, Xbox Series X and many PC gamers use high resolution with high refresh rates. HDMI 2.1 has had a bit of a rocky start. When … Read more

What is 5G broadband?

5G broadband is the fifth generation of wireless technology that offers a great alternative to fixed broadband. It provides high-speed internet and other services to devices. It is the successor to 4G and is designed to offer faster download and upload speeds, lower latency and greater capacity. How does 5G broadband work? 5G broadband uses … Read more

What happened to hidden mobile phone masts? Have you seen a hidden mobile phone in the UK recently?

Mobile phone masts, also known as cell towers or base stations, are notoriously tall and ugly structures. In the UK, 25 metres is the existing legal limit in England for mobile masts/towers (the average height is currently around 15m), but outside urban areas, operators would also like to build taller masts because this is one … Read more

Amazon Firestick Remote Problems – How to reset an Amazon Firestick remote & how to pair Firestick remote

Even though I personally use the Nvidia Shield Pro, I am a big fan of the Amazon Firestick range. They are, without a doubt, the best value for money when it comes to streaming, and for most people, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is more than adequate for the most demanding of scenarios. I … Read more

How to Boost the WiFi Signal Through Walls – Improve WiFi around your home

Walls are the bane of WiFis’ existence. When you see the coverage claims from companies, it is always for open spaces, as if we all live frolicking outdoors. In the UK, many of us live in older homes, and that means thick brick-built internal walls which are not kind to our WiFi. Or, for businesses, … Read more

How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps on iPhone, Android and PC/Mac

I love Google Maps and use it daily. It is essential for me to navigate, both with driving and walking. I also use it extensively whenever researching a place. For any trip, I will obsessively search on maps and star locations that are of interest to me, primarily bars and restaurants. While I get recommendations … Read more

Five Mac Apps to Download for Improved Security

Macs fighting back Although Macs are a less appealing target for malware and viruses, they are not immune to attack. Even if you don’t mind adware or being exploited to infect people on other platforms, you could still be a victim of ransomware, password theft, or stolen iCloud backups. As a result, competent antivirus software … Read more

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