Maximum HDMI 2.1 Cable Length – How long can an HDMI 2.1 cable be for 4K 120Hz & how to extend an HDMI cable?

Most good quality 4K TVs that are launched are capable of 4K @ 120Hz and feature HDMI 2.1. This is primarily used for gaming and is featured on the PS5, Xbox Series X and many PC gamers use high resolution with high refresh rates. HDMI 2.1 has had a bit of a rocky start. When … Read more

Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Review- Are these the best budget studio monitors?

The Edifier MR4 was launched last year, and these appear to be the first speakers that Edifier classes as studio monitors. These are designed to be more accurate than other speakers, and they are normally used for production work. Specification Design The Edifier MR4 adopt a generic but attractive design for studio monitors. They are … Read more

Cleer ARC II Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds Announced – An alternative to bone conduction headphones like Shokz

At CES 2023, Cleer has announced the next generation of their open-ear true wireless earbuds, the ARC II. I have always had mixed results with open-ear fit earbuds, my oddly shaped ears means that earbuds struggle to stay in place. Even though I quite liked the sports focused Cleer Goal, they just didn’t suit my … Read more

Tronsmart T7 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Competition

Following on from yesterday’s giveaway for the Edifier MP230 portable Bluetooth speaker, I am now giving away my review sample of the Tronsmart T7. This isn’t quite as refined as the Edifier MP230, but it is surprisingly loud. It’s IPX7, so it can handle getting wet, and its rubberized design makes it quite durable. I … Read more

Marshall Motif ANC Review – Noise cancelling earbuds with the iconic Marshal sound and design

Having previously been impressed with the Marshall Emberton II, and I have recently been checking out their first pair of active noise-cancelling earbuds, the Motif ANC. These are premium-priced earbuds with the quintessential Marshal design.   Specification Design and Fit There is not really a great deal you can do to make earbuds look good, … Read more

Audio Pro C5 MKII Speaker Review – A multiroom Sonos alternative with an attractive design

Speakers are not normally the best-looking pieces of technology in your home. This is fine by me, I value functionality over form, but every time I get a new speaker, I have to deal with my partners’ disapproval. She is not happy about my recent subwoofer purchase. For people who like things to look nice … Read more

Yaber Ace K1 Projector Review – 650 ANSI lumens for daytime visibility

This time last year, I reviewed the affordable Yaber V10, which I found to be a decent, affordable 1080P projector. They have now kindly sent me their new Ace K1, which is their best projector to date, while still keeping the price at an affordable price of around £330. Specification Set Up and Features When … Read more

BenQ GS50 Outdoor Projector Review – How does it compare vs Samsung Freestyle & XGIMI Halo

I have previously reviewed the BenQ GV30 and then compared the performance of the GV30 vs the GS50 I have reviewed today. The BenQ GS50 is classed as an outdoor projector, but most of my reviewing has been done indoors. It has a basic IP rating of IPX2, making it resistant to light splashes, and … Read more

BenQ GS50 vs GV30 Projector Comparison Review – Design, Brightness, Video and Audio Quality

I have previously reviewed the excellent BenQ GV30 portable projector and also compared that against other popular portable projectors. BenQ has now been kind enough to send me the GS50. This is a larger projector that is marketed as being an outdoor projector. Costing around £230 more, but the BenQ GS50 is a larger unit … Read more

MediaTek Pentonic 1000 Chipset for 4K 120Hz Displays Announced: Integrating Wi-Fi 6E and decoding for AV1, HEVC, VP9, AVS3 & VVC (H.266)

Continuing with the Mediatek product announcements. Today they announced the Pentonic 1000 chipset, which is designed for 4K displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This new powerful chipset integrates all the technology you could want for a modern TV. As well as the 4K 120Hz support, it is capable of VRR up to 4K … Read more

Creative Pebble Pro Announced for £66

Creative Technology today launched Creative Pebble Pro, the popular Pebble speaker series’ latest and best addition, which boasts a compelling mix of size-defying audio quality, minimalist elegance in form, and a subtle yet distinctive personable touch of RGB lighting to adorn any desktop setup.   Creative Pebble Pro lights up every desktop with its minimalist goodness.  … Read more

Edifier S1000W Announced for £400 – An Updated S1000MKII with WiFi, AirPlay & Hi-Res Tidal

Edifier has launched its new wireless bookshelf speaker -the S1000W. Looking at the specification, this takes the excellent S1000MKII and adds in WiFi and all the services you associate with a WiFi speaker, including AirPlay 2, Alexa, Spotify and Tidal Connect. The WiFi connectivity also allows this speaker to be grouped with other speakers in … Read more

Khadas Tea DAC Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier Review – A slim MagSafe equipped DAC for iPhone users

Khadas’ Tea is a brilliant new ultra-slimline high-resolution headphone amplifier designed to work seamlessly with an iPhone 12 or higher. Specification Type: USB DAC + Headphone Amplifier + Bluetooth Model: Khadas  Chipset: Sabre ESS ES9281AC Pro Bluetooth: Qualcomm QCC5125 Amplifier: Amplifier RT6863D (Buffer Stage) Frequency range: 20 – 40 000Hz Compatibility: PCM up to 32bit/768kHz … Read more

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