eufyCam vs Arlo – Which is best & is the Arlo Ultra or Pro3 worth it over the eufyCam 2 & 2C?

Arlo, formerly owned by Netgear has long been the dominant company for wire-free security cameras, I would argue that they are the company responsible for the popularisation of the battery-powered wire-free outdoor surveillance camera. Since the launch of Arlo, many companies have come along replicating their features, many of them are inferior, plenty of them … Read more

PureVPN Proved Itself to Be the Best Customer-Centric VPN

Companies, especially SaaS, although talk about customer-centricity but rarely do they ever take it seriously. But, one leading VPN provider proved the world why customer-centricity is important and how it has eventually led to the company’s success. PureVPN ranks amongst the top services in the virtual private network industry. Each year, the CEO of the … Read more

Mediatek Helio P95 vs Helio P90 vs Helio G80 & G70 Comparison – Literally the same specification as the P90 but apparently it does more AI

After announcing a bunch of amazing sounding chipsets that put them toe to toe with high-end system on chips from Qualcomm and Samsung, Mediatek appears to have run out of ideas. While the first phone with the Mediatek Dimensity 1000L (Reno3) has been launched, we are yet to see anyone integrate the full fat Dimensity … Read more

Timex upgrades its Ironman watch with Garmin like features and heart rate monitoring while achieving 25 days battery

Until today I wasn’t aware that Timex did sports watches, but they do, and they are ultrabasic, which is not always a bad thing. Today they have upgraded the Ironman series to include the Ironman R300 which offers the essential features most of us want from a sports watch while also being very affordable and … Read more

LG V60 ThinQ 5G vs LG V50 ThinQ 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S20 – LG go back a step, bigger screen, lower resolution and no zoom lens. Can they compete with Samsung?

The LG V series has always been a little whacky, I had the LG V20 back in the day with its weird second LED notification screen, it was an amazing phone with an appalling battery life, but it was also the last flagship device with a replaceable battery, so it was forgivable. Last year, when … Read more

Logitech x Herman Miller partner up to create the ultimate gaming chair. Probably the most expensive too knowing Herman Miller

I am more excited about this than I should be really. Gaming chairs have become ubiquitous in recent years, but in general, they are just not that good. They are not ergonomic, and often they are PVC coated memory foam, which is just unpleasant when using for many hours per day (which most PC gamers … Read more

Unisoc Tiger T752 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G vs Mediatek Dimensity 1000L – A 5G mobile chipset made on the 6nm EUV fabrication process that will you never be used in a phone you own

It is unlikely you will have ever heard of Unisoc, the company is relatively new since being rebranded from Spreadtrum Communications, Inc and is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Shanghai producing chipsets form mobiles and IoT devices. They predominantly focus on the Chinese market as well as developing markets, the same could have been … Read more

Is Your Business Email Secure? 3 Email Security Threats that are After Your Business

Online predators are waiting behind their screens for you to become their prey, finding loopholes to hit your privacy hard. Data breaches, online frauds, and identity theft are some of the growing concerns of this age, and no one is safe from them. We have all been there when the news broke about Yahoo’s system … Read more

TerraMaster F5-422 vs F5-221 – TerraMaster upgrades their NAS drives with 10GbE

If you want the best bang for your buck NAS then TerraMaster is probably the best brand to go for. I reviewed their F2-210 last month and it offered incredible performance for such a low price. The value for money TerraMaster offers continues throughout their range, from a hardware perspective little really competes with them. … Read more

Sports in 2020 – Are Virtual and Live Games Truly Rivals?

In the digital age, sports are better than they have ever been. The video gaming industry went from joining forces with popular athletics to completely redefining them. Today, you can play or watch anything in person or online, from football or hockey to eSports tournaments. And efforts made by sports video game developers like EA … Read more

Top 4 Uses for a VR Headset

Last year, the Oculus Quest changed the game for virtual reality headsets and gave us renewed hope for these devices’ bright future and mass popularity starting from 2020. So now might be the best time to recall all the ways and areas where you can use a VR headset. Here is our Top 4 list. … Read more

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