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I am more excited about this than I should be really. Gaming chairs have become ubiquitous in recent years, but in general, they are just not that good. They are not ergonomic, and often they are PVC coated memory foam, which is just unpleasant when using for many hours per day (which most PC gamers doo). Herman Miller is arguably the best-regarded name in the office chair industry and a gaming chair built with them will almost certainly be amazing.

(Cheap) Office chairs for a PC chair have fallen out of fashion for home use because of their often dull design.

However with Herman Miller, they are famed for their gorgeous Embody chair, which I would argue has better gaming aesthetic than most gaming chairs, and the Aeron, a chair you will find in many high-end offices.

A stereotypical gaming chair
Herman Miller Embody
Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller focusses on both attractive design but ergonomics allowing you to work comfortably for a full day with no issues. There is no pleather or memory foam here, most of their chairs use a cloth or mesh seats combined with an open design backrest allowing air to circulate around you avoiding sweatiness associated with a lot of chairs.

Unfortunately, a brand new Aeron or Embody will set you back over a grand, and when I bought my more “affordable” Mirra that was over £500. When you tell someone, you spent over £500 on an office chair they think you are mad or a lottery winner. However, I have yet to encounter a single person that has regretted their Herman Miller purchase.

I bought mine when I was 280lb and fed up of office chairs breaking on me, Herman Miller has a 12-year warranty on their products which is what won me over. Nowadays I weigh more like 180lbs but my chair is still going strong.  

How this venture will play out is another question. The company says this chair will be revealed in spring 2020. There are no images of it, no solid release date, and no word on pricing.

Some gaming chairs are quite expensive but I doubt many reach the prices of a Herman Miller, so it will be interesting to see how they position it price-wise. Similarly, in terms of design, there is a lot of cloth, mesh and plastic with Herman Miller so I wonder how they will adapt this to the gaming aesthetic. Maybe it will just be a Logitech branded Embody which already looks awesome.

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