4 Reasons Web Security Audits Matter

With the world becoming increasingly more dependent on digital systems, you need to ensure that you protect your systems from cyberattacks. Failure to do so can result in reputation and legal damage that will cost your business dear. Reputation as we all know is hard to get back when it is lost, So what are … Read more

The Rise of Ransomware as a Service in 2022

If you are familiar with Software-as-a-service (SaaS), then you probably understand what ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is. As the name suggests, RaaS is simply ransomware on steroids. It’s a way in which criminals develop ransomware and customize it as a service or tool used for unleashing ransomware attacks. To help you gain in-depth knowledge about RaaS, first, … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Free and Private Proxies?

As cybersecurity becomes the top priority for all internet users, people worldwide are trying to find the best solution to keep them anonymous and safe when browsing the internet. Although companies have created various products to improve online safety, proxy servers are definitely among the most widely-used products. As a result, internet users can choose … Read more

What Type of Technology Is Used in Security?

There are many types of technology used in security, from simple devices like locks and alarms to more complex systems like CCTV and access control. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of technology used in security. Security Technologies The three technologies used in security are biometrics, encryption, and tokens. Biometrics is … Read more

Datalocker DL4 FE Secure Hardware Encrypted SSD Review – The touchscreen display simplifies everything

I have reviewed several secure hardware encrypted drives over the years. Once you have reviewed one, all the subsequent reviews feel like the same product. Most drives use a physical keypad on the drive, and all the drives have roughly the same performance. They generally all use similar levels of security, too, typically FIPS 140-2 … Read more

How Much Does Microsoft Certification Cost?

Microsoft Certification exams typically cost between USD 100 and $200. However, the total cost of becoming certified can be much higher in terms of study materials, exam prep courses, and retakes. Becoming certified can be a significant investment, but it can also pay off your career. Microsoft Certified Professionals earn an average of 10% more … Read more

NordLayer VPN Review with Dedicated Server – A business focussed VPN

VPN services are ten a penny nowadays, and many of the affordable options out there provide a perfectly good level of service for casual home users. However, not everyone wants a VPN just so they can bypass regional restrictions of Netflix or get cheaper serves through different regional pricing. Virtual Private Networks can be beneficial … Read more

Data transfer in the UK

New UK standard contractual clauses to enable the transfer of personal data from the UK internationally come into effect on 21st March 2022. The UK GDPR regulates the transfer of personal data to countries outside of the UK or to international organisations unless the receiver of the personal data is located within a third country, … Read more

10 Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Almost every business today has a form of an online presence. While having an online presence makes doing business easier, it also increases the risk of cyberattacks, a reason everyone (especially businesses) needs to take cybersecurity seriously. Although there’s no sure way of protecting your business from becoming a target, you still need to take … Read more

Most Relevant Cybersecurity Practices Implemented in Online Businesses

It’s easy to think that nothing can potentially attack your company because you are an online business. This is a typical “not much to steal” mindset that most online business owners have. However, this is an incorrect idea that could cost a company millions.  Security is an essential feature for all businesses, especially online businesses. … Read more

Most common internet scams and how to deal with them

Cybercrime is alive and well, costing victims tens of thousands of dollars. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received a record 791,790 reports of online fraud in 2020, with a claimed loss of $4.1 billion—an average of over 2,100 per day at about $5,000 per victim. Anyone can become a victim of cybercrime, but … Read more

How To Protect and Secure Corporate Data Over The Cloud

There is no doubt that cloud technology has revolutionized IT systems in businesses all over the world. From data storage and computing to new printers from companies like Konica Minolta Australia, there are few pieces of tech in businesses that don’t feature cloud-based software. Much like any advancement in technology, however, there are certain security … Read more

Some Exciting Things You Can Do with A VPN

The Covid-19 outbreak has locked us indoors, and millions are working from home. This change has made installing a VPN more crucial than ever before. It keeps you protected from hackers by hiding your IP address and encrypting the connection between your device and the internet. It ensures the safety of employers and workers by … Read more

How to Use Mac OS Keychain Effectively

With nearly 100 million active Mac users worldwide, Apple’s strength lies with its mobile devices. But, like any device that uses the internet, there are security weaknesses that criminals can exploit. As we become more tech-reliant, we see cybercrime increase almost exponentially.  Even companies, like Apple, struggle to create truly impenetrable layers of security. In … Read more

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