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Home automation systems allow homeowners better control over their environments and more idea of what types of energy they are using and why. Home automation systems as a whole are designed to take some of the strain from homeowners – instead of worrying about whether or not they have locked their doors or left their lights on, they can simply send a signal to their home systems, and everything will be done for them. Home automation is now more than simply a guide to electric linear actuators.

Home automation is something which began with the basics of linear actuators, and motion systems, and how they could be used to make a house a home. To an extent, modern automation is the same, except that instead of simply being a motion system, home automation now allows homeowners to control linear motion systems of any kind. Linear actuators and motion systems are still being used in their capacities to move things around the home, but the more modern applications of home automation are becoming more all-encompassing than these first attempts were.

Today, home automation focuses on systems rather than on individual pieces of automation. This does not necessarily means that they are part of the new push of automation which controls other automation, but it does mean that modern automation is a step up from the basics.

Beon Starter Pack

This is a piece of home automation specifically for home use. They are automatic light bulbs which allows the homeowner greater control over their lights. The homeowner can use different patterns or colours, depending on how they feel at the time.

Logitech Harmony Home Control

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Logitech is a way of controlling all the home automation in one house, through one entry point. Rather than having home automation all controlled by various devices, leading you to need to ‘device-hop’ in order to find the software you need, Logitech allows you to have everything in one space.

Logi Circle

Logi Circle is almost like a nanny cam for pets, in a way. It acts as a security camera for inside the home and follows your pet’s movements so that you can keep track of them at all times.

45 Seconds Bean to Cup Barista

As the name says, this gadget can make either tea or coffee within forty-five seconds flat. A useful thing, when you are in a hurry but still need your hot beverage in the morning, no? It can be pre-programmed as well.

Netatmo Weather Station

This allows people to keep track of the weather conditions in their own and other neighbourhoods. Knowing the weather ahead of time is something which is useful for a number of reasons, and can help in deciding travel plans, among other things.

Sky Bell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

This doorbell not only connects to the internet, allowing it to be controlled through a smart device, it also incorporates video. This allows the homeowner to see who is standing at the door, which is a useful thing when people come calling at night.

Belkin Wemo Switch

The WeMo switch allows anything which is plugged into it to function as an automated device, in that it can be controlled by whatever smart device is connected to the WeMo. This can extend the amount of home automation which is present in any home.

Nest Thermostat

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This thermostat allows the boiler and heating in a home to be used remotely by the homeowner. Not only does this mean that they can have greater control over their boiler, but it also means that a home will not waste so much energy if the owner leaves the boiler on.

Chamberlain’s Garage Door Opener

This garage door allows the door to be opened without anybody having to leave their car. More than this, rather than needing to go through a series of screens, when the garage door opener is installed, any screen can be touched to activate it.

Nest Smoke Detector

This does not just act as a smoke detector but also acts as a way of notifying the homeowner if they are away from the home when a fire breaks out. The device can send a signal to a smart device, allowing the homeowner to call the fire brigade.

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