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One of the most impressive features demoed at the launch event of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was the 3D live scanning feature.

This impressive app will scan an inanimate object creating a 3D model of it, the Kirin 980 processor is then powerful enough to animate it on the fly. You can then also map out and AR area and virtually project your new animated object into the real world.

The app has a pre-made teddy bear and using this it was very simple to scan a section of my coffee table, project the bear and get him to do various activities such as jumping around and king fu.

When it comes to scanning your 3D objects, it is not quite as simple as the live demo implied, you need to use the front facing camera which means you have to either blindly try to scan your object or get into a weird position of looking at the screen and scanning.

You have to use the front camera as this has all the components used for the 3D face scan, which it then uses for this app. The front cameras includes a 24MP RGB camera sensor, a dot projector, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, an IR camera.

I completely failed with my first attempt, and after 20 minutes with the scanner progression line being stuck as about 75% I gave up. This appears to be a common issue over at XDA developers with users saying it can take several attempts to master the scanning process, and some of the results are not exactly amazing.

What the 3D scan should look like when projected into the real world:

This is a promising tech, and I won’t negatively judge it based on one failed attempt, looking at the demo image and other users results I think an object that is a little less complex would yield better results. Once I have fully tested the app I will update my review of the Mate 20 Pro.

To get the app yourself you will need to download it via the Huawei App Gallery and search for 3D Live

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