ADO A20 XE Electric Foldable Bike Review

I previously reviewed the original ADO A20 ebike last year, and it was my first foldable electric bike from one of the many affordable Chinese manufacturers. I was impressed with it and sold on the idea of these for commuting and getting around cities. I much prefer electric bikes to electric scooters! The ADO A20 … Read more

Engwe C20 Pro Folding E-Bike Review – More sensible vs Engwe Engine Pro & cheaper vs ADO A20 XE

Back in August, I reviewed the excellent Engwe Engine Pro foldable electric bike. It was a bit of a beast with a  750W motor that is not restricted to UK speed limits and is capable of going up to 28mph / 45kph. It also weighed a massive 32KG and cost over £1200. As good as … Read more

Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike Review – A lightweight single-gear electric bike which I love

I have reviewed several electric bikes this year, and they have all been excellent, with each one excelling at different things. Recent reviews have included the Cyrusher XF900 750W fat tire bike as well as the Engwe Engine Pro 750W foldable. Both are capable of going faster than UK speed limits and provide incredibly smooth … Read more

Cyrusher XF900 Electric Bike Review – A 750W full suspension fat tire eBike

Following on from my review of the excellent Engwe Engine Pro last month. I have recently been riding the Cyrusher XF900. This is a full-suspension fat tire bike that is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor and comes with a rear pannier rack and mudguards. Like most of my eBike reviews, Cyrusher is a Chinese … Read more

Engwe Engine Pro 750W / 28 MPH Folding Electric Bike Review

I have reviewed a couple of electric bikes from ADO in the past year and have been impressed with both of them. Recently, I have been trying out another new brand called Engwe. They currently have 7 electric bike models, all being foldable and ranging in price from €679.99 to €1.584.99. The Engine Pro is … Read more

Foxpark Solar 3 Wireless Reversing Camera Review – Is this the best wireless reversing camera?

I have a ten-year-old Corsa, and the most advanced piece of tech inside it is the CD player. I also hate driving, and I am not particularly good at it. Therefore I avoid reversing into any tight spaces as much as possible. A reversing camera makes life much easier, and the Foxpark Solar 3 is … Read more

ADO A20+ & A20F+ Foldable Electric Bikes Discount

I have reviewed a couple of bikes from ADO recently and have been very impressed. For the next few days, they are offering a discount on the ADO A20+ and A20F+. The ADO A20+ has a small number of upgrades compared to the standard ADO A20 including: Quick release waterproof line Electric taillight and reflector … Read more

ADO D30C E-Bike Review – An excellent mixed-use electric bike ideal for long commutes

I previously reviewed the excellent ADO A20 foldable e-bike, and for the past couple of weeks, I have been trying out the new ADO D30C. The ADO D30C is a mountain bike, or hybrid, with front shocks making it ideal for mixed-use. There are not many mountain bike trails near me, so I have mainly … Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know a Tesla Can Do?

Ever since the first Tesla cars were delivered to the customers, this company constantly strives to produce faster, more advanced, and ultimately, more futuristic vehicles. Every new Tesla model pushes the envelope further and introduces more and more specific technology, which results in unique products with unusual features. We realized that Tesla fans and prospective … Read more

Top 5 Dash Cams That Can Save You Money in 2021

Dash cams have become increasingly popular in recent years. Rather than the clunky models that were trendy in the 2010s, technology has come a long way. You can now expect smaller, cheaper and better build quality than previous generations.  With some insurance companies offering lower premiums, installing a dash cam can save you money and … Read more

Best Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals 2020

With the holiday season now well and truly here, shopping for the greatest deals has, well, let’s just say, experienced a bit of a change. Even though online channels have seen massive growth over the years, nothing compares to the flurry we predict to experience this year due to inevitable closures on our high streets. … Read more

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