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2022 is not a bad year to buy Windows 10, even though Windows 11 is already out there. The reason? The newest Microsoft Operating System has quite stricter requirements compared to any previous version of Windows so a vast majority of users are cut out from the upgrade. Windows 11 requires news and faster CPUs, a TPM 2.0 module, and other elements that users with older or underperforming machines may miss. Furthermore, Windows 10 is still a very popular operating system, without mentioning it is way cheaper and will be supported until 2025.

That said, buying Windows 10 can still be a bit expensive, especially if you’re only relying on the official Microsoft Store, where, at the moment of writing this article, Windows 10 Pro costs £219.99, for example. However, there is a cheaper and 100% legit alternative, Mr Key Shop, a third-party store that’s the best answer to the question: “How and where to buy Windows 10 in 2022”?

Where to buy Windows 10 (and save)

If you want to know where to buy Windows 10 and save significantly on the official retail price, write this name down: Mr Key Shop! We already covered this third-party e-commerce here: “Mr Key Shop: who are they and what services do they offer?”, so let’s just say that this may become your go-to store when it comes to buying digital licenses.

As a company with over 18 years of experience in the digital market, Mr Key Shop is a reputable e-commerce business that has served over 350k customers since its inception. As you can see on TrustPilot, Mr Key Shop scored 4.9 out of 5 (Excellent, 93%), due to its timely express delivery, a solid money-back warranty, and an excellent free English-speaking Technical Support.

With its encompassing catalog, you can save up to 70% on official retail prices, and you can purchase Windows 10 in different editions and save significantly. Among the other products you can order from Mr Key Shop, you’ll find the best Microsoft Office suites, including Office 2021 and Office for Mac, a vast selection of Antiviruses, VPNs, and other business-grade tools like SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server. As a legit and reputable company, Mr Key Shop is competitive and convenient even for companies, as they offer an excellent B2B service with official invoices and all you can expect from a top-notch reseller.

Buying from Mr Key Shop is fast and easy, with secure payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon/Apple/Google Pay, and debit/credit card, all through SSL-Encrypted transactions and real-time delivery. Once you finish your checkout, you’ll get a confirmation email with all you need: a 100% legit product key, a secure and malware-free ISO download link (where applicable), clear instructions, and your invoice. This all-digital approach has been pursued from day one, not only to let you save money (no shipping costs) but also, and especially, to help protect the environment. By ditching physical good distribution systems, Mr Key Shop clearly states its operations as a 100% Eco-Friendly business, which is good for your wallet, and the planet!

How to buy Windows 10

When it comes to understanding how to buy Windows 10, there are some options out there: you can either a) buy Windows 10 directly from Microsoft Store, both as a digital download or a USB key (when available) to be shipped to your address; b) go for a third-party key from vendors and merchants on the web, however, you must be careful when you incur very cheap prices. Sometimes, malicious third parties sell counterfeit product keys, or stolen ones, perhaps purchased with stolen or forged credit cards. This is the so-called gray market, where you can expose yourself to scams and online threats; and c) point your browser to Mr Key Shop and securely buy a genuine product key at a low price, receive it directly in your inbox within a few seconds, and install Windows 10 in a matter of a few minutes.

If you buy a digital Windows 10 product key, you’ll save money since you won’t pay any shipping fee. And if you choose to rely on Mr Key Shop, you’ll also save on the MSRP, complete your purchase within a safe environment, and enjoy a legit and genuine activation key that will grant you a perpetual Windows 10 license that binds to your Microsoft Account.

By ditching any physical copy, whether it’s a USB key from Microsoft, a possible retail CD-ROM edition bought from brick-and-mortar stores, or third parties from Amazon or eBay, you’ll help reduce pollution and waste, both byproducts of the real-world good transport systems.

Furthermore, getting your Windows 10 activation key from Mr Key Shop is as easy as it gets, and you’ll be up and running in no time! However, if you need assistance, the Technical Support team will be more than happy to help you before and after your purchase, in English and free of charge.

However, if you’re a student or a teacher, you might be eligible for a free Windows 10 license. For more info, please visit the Microsoft official website.

Which version of Windows 10 should you buy?

Choosing your version of Windows 10 actually depends on how you’re going to use your brand new operating system. For basic, home users, Windows 10 Home may be a good choice, whereas professionals, small businesses, and more advanced users may benefit from the Windows 10 Pro offerings.

However, remember that, whichever version you choose, if you’re going to upgrade your system to Windows 11, you will pass from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 Home, while Windows 10 Pro will grant you the upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, as long as you meet all the system requirements as set forth by Microsoft.

The good news is that such an upgrade is free, therefore, buying a cheaper Windows 10 key will be an even smarter move, considering that Windows 11 asking price is quite higher.

If you’re on Windows 10 Home but you wish to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 11 Home and then purchase and activate an Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro Key, also available from Mr Key Shop. You can also upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro before you upgrade to Windows 11 Pro and spend even less!

How to download, install and activate Windows 10

If you decide to buy Windows 10 from Mr Key Shop, you can download, install and activate Windows 10 in a breeze! After your checkout, go to your recap email and download your ISO file from the attached link. Then, follow the included guidance to proceed and install, activate, and enjoy Windows 10 with no further help.

And if you’re wondering if you can download Windows 10 for free… yes, you can. We wrote our guide “How to download Windows 10 for free” exactly to guide through this process. However, in short, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to the official Microsoft Windows 10 download page
  2. Download the Windows 10 Media creation tool
  3. Run the tool and follow the prompts.

However, please keep in mind that, in order to use Windows 10 properly, you’ll still need an active and legit license. Again, Mr Key Shop is your best option to get it for a lower price and legally. This way, you won’t miss any security updates, avoiding exposure to malicious files and zero-day threats, like the recent and severe Follina vulnerability, which allowed attackers to execute remote arbitrary code and infect machines staying undetected.

Is it legal to purchase a digital Windows 10 license?

As long as you purchase a digital Windows 10 license that falls in the refurbished category, you can rest assured you’ll get a 100% genuine and legit product. Mr Key Shop specializes in refurbished licenses, that are deemed absolutely legal by many jurisdictions as you can read from their official ABOUT US page.

Whenever you buy a product key from Mr Key Shop, you’ll never break the law and the bank!

And with all the money you’ll save, you might consider completing your software library with Microsoft Office. We can help you to understand if you can download Office for free, moreover, you can read our guide: “How to Buy a Microsoft Office product key for Cheap” and save even further.

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