How much does it cost to run a hot tub or Lazy Spa after October energy price cap increase? And how to reduce electricity costs

[Update 8th September 2022] I have updated some of the figures below to represent what is expected to be the new-new October price cap which is a price cap on the price cap which will be government-backed through a £100bn of loans. I fully expect the government will find some way to screw us sooner … Read more

Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300 Wi-Fi 6E Router Review vs RAXE500

Earlier in the year, I reviewed the new flagship WiFi 6E gaming router from Netgear, the RAXE500. This new technology is rolling down into more affordable models, and I have recently been checking out the new RAXE300. Netgear RAXE300 vs RAXE500 Specification To save you going over the table below, the RAXE300 is just a … Read more

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 Review vs FreeBuds Pro & Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

The Huawei FreeBuds Pro were probably my favourite earbuds back in 2020. There was something I just loved about them, and I think at the time they offered an excellent balance of price, ANC performance and sound quality, making them more appealing than premium-priced options from Apple, Bose and Sony. I am also not overly … Read more

Phantom Energy Costs – Now vs October 2022 & January 2023 Electricity Costs  

Things are looking very bleak in the UK for the next couple of years. By far, the biggest issue we all face is the massive increase in the cost of electricity and gas. In the past few months, I have done some posts on the current running costs of portable air conditioners, washing machines and … Read more

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD Review – A FIPS 197 encrypted SSD with touch screen display

The IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD is the latest secure drive by Kingston and their top-of-the-range drive. Unlike most drives on the market, this has a touchscreen interface with many customisable options that keep your data safe. There are a lot of similarities with the more expensive Datalocker DL4 FE I have previously reviewed. … Read more

WEMAX Go Advanced Smart Portable Laser Projector Review – A bright 600 ANSI lumens 1080P projector

The WEMAX Go Advanced was funded on Indiegogo back in January. It is now available to buy on Amazon US and directly from Wimax. It is an incredibly portable projector being just 1-inch thick, yet is full HD and has a brightness of 600 ANSI lumens which makes it superior to most other projectors on … Read more

Fitbit Sense 2 vs Original Fitbit Sense Compared – What’s changed?

Following on from yesterday’s comparison of the Fitbit Versa 4 vs Versa 3, let’s look at the new Fitbit Sense 2. The Fitbit Sense 2 is the flagship device from Fitbit; it has all the features the new Versa 4 has and more. This includes the new deeper integration with Google, including Google Wallet and … Read more

How to block fake website traffic in Google Analytics using Cloudflare – Traffic spam from Czechia and Seychelles

Not my usual consumer-tech content, but I thought it was worth writing about nonetheless. I will use anything as an excuse to write some content. I make a living from my website (just about), and just like most people in my position, I have a daily ritual of checking all the various analytics and advertising … Read more

Anker Soundcore Space A40 Review – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Following on from my review of the excellent Anker Soundcore Space Q45, I have also been trying the Soundcore Space A40. While the Soundcore Space Q45 appears to be the successor of the Soundcore Life Q35, it is not quite as easy to work out what these are replacing, I assume the Soundcore A3i or … Read more

Anker Soundcore Space Q45 Review vs Soundcore Life Q35 ANC Headphones

Last year I reviewed the excellent Anker Soundcore Life Q35. They offered a phenomenal level of ANC performance when compared to premium-priced brands such as Bose or Sony. However, they didn’t offer quite the same value for money as the Life Q30, which cost about half the price. Several years ago, Anker also launched the … Read more

Fitbit Versa 4 vs Versa 3 Compared – What’s new? Not much

Yesterday, Fitbit announced a big product refresh with three new products, the Sense 2, Versa 4 and Inspire 3. Fitbit used to be one of the dominant brands in the world of wearables, with a 38% market share back in 2014, according to Statista. However, that dominance has been decimated in recent years. You’d think … Read more

How to remove fake traffic from Google Analytics – Filter traffic spam from Czechia and Seychelles

Following on from my previous post on how to block fake website traffic in Google Analytics using Cloud Flare. Several commenters on that post were struggling to filter out the traffic with Cloud Flare or do not use Cloud Flare. Hopefully, this post will provide a universal solution for anyone continuing to have problems. Fake … Read more

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