Orico Montage MTQ-40G 40Gbps SSD Review – This USB4 SSD is the fastest external drive you can buy

The Orico Montage 40Gbps USB4 external SSDs were announced last month with claimed 3,126MB/s reads speeds and 2,832MB/s write speeds. It comes in an attractive bright enclosure draws from Mondrian’s famous work Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, incorporating the thick black lines and blocks of colour that immediately distinguish the device from the monochrome … Read more

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD Review – A FIPS 197 encrypted SSD with touch screen display

The IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD is the latest secure drive by Kingston and their top-of-the-range drive. Unlike most drives on the market, this has a touchscreen interface with many customisable options that keep your data safe. There are a lot of similarities with the more expensive Datalocker DL4 FE I have previously reviewed. … Read more

Buffalo MiniStation Velocity 960GB external SSD Review

Solid State Storage is all the rage for laptops and desktops nowadays, it offers exponentially better performance than a mechanical drive while being smaller, quieter and giving off less heat. However, they are expensive compared to their mechanical equivalents and store less data, this means that we haven’t really seen many external SSDs on the … Read more

Hagiwara shrinks 2.5-inch SSD tech to 1-inch drives

Hagiwara Sys-Com has recently announced it has applied the technology from 2.5-inch solid state drives to smaller 1-inch drives. They have developed the HDF10P SSD drive which is currently only available in an 8GB capacity however they are planning on releasing a 16GB version. The company has placed the TrueSSD controller it has developed in-house … Read more