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10 Must-Have Gadgets For Gamers

10 Must-Have Gadgets For Gamers

The world of gaming is changing rapidly, becoming ever more immersive and expansive. The technology for gaming is often cutting edge, providing gamers with awesome gadgets to level-up their gaming experience.

A good TV or monitor is no longer enough. Now, you need to invest in high-quality accessories that make your gaming more realistic and secure.

The following tools and gadgets will ensure you’re covered in all areas: experience, comfort, and safety. Add just a few of them to your station to take your gaming to the next level.

Gadget 1: An External Hard Drive

Modern games require a huge amount of storage space. Space is usually limited on your gaming device, and its memory can be easy to wipe. To ensure you have plenty of storage, invest in an external gaming hard drive. These can be plugged directly into your device via the USB port, then synced to work as primary or secondary memory. Generally, 1TB of external memory can store up to 50 games.

Gadget 2: Gaming Speakers

The best games don’t just look incredible, they have impressive sound design. Your TV screen or computer monitor’s speakers won’t deliver the full soundscape of each game. A quality set of gaming speakers will provide crisp, clear, 360° omnidirectional sound perfectly suited to every possible gaming environment.

Gadget 3: Wireless Headset

There are many reasons a set of speakers might not be practical for your gaming space. In that case, a gaming headset is a better choice.  The best gaming headset will deliver crystal clear sound, without disturbing others. They also make it  easier to interact with other players via a microphone. For maximum comfort and durability, invest in a wireless headset with a charging station..

Gadget 4: VR Headset

Virtual Reality is the future. As gaming worlds become more immersive and realistic, VR promises to put you right in the middle of these worlds. Every platform has embraced VR, adapting their current titles and releasing new games that push the boundaries of the platform. Hooking up a headset to your favorite gaming device will now give you access to all the latest developments in a rapidly growing industry.

Gadget 5: Gaming Chair

Even if you’re an infrequent gamer, you need a good chair. The best gaming chair will be comfortable with good back support, while allowing you to move freely. The best gaming chairs can also enhance your experience. This includes adjustable armrests, built-in speakers, and charging stations. Decide what you need from your chair, then pick the perfect one.

Gadget 6: A Specialist Controller

No matter your gaming device – PC, Xbox, PlayStation – the factory controller probably isn’t good enough. These are built to provide the most basic functions for gameplay. However, to reduce injuries and stiffness, you need a controller built for comfort. You should choose your controller based on your preferred platform and the types of games you play. The difference is hard to appreciate until you have one in your hands.

Gadget 7: Cable management

Untidy cables can ruin even the most hi-tech setups. Cable management tools are a simple way to organize the mess. They come in many forms and can be combined for maximum tidiness. However, plan ahead before you purchase. Group cables together based on use (audio/visual, charging stations, etc.) and whether they need to move freely.

Gadget 8: USB Desk Fan

There’s no denying that gaming can be sweaty business. If you plan on gaming for long periods of time, you should invest in a ventilation system. Even a simple desk fan pointed at you or your devices will move air around the room as you play. You’ll immediately feel fresher, for longer.

Gadget 9: Travel Cases

For those who game while they travel, you don’t want to be stuck at a competitive disadvantage using other players’ setups. Gaming equipment needs to be safely stored for travel, so there are many travel cases and bags built specifically for gamers. Even if you’re only taking your favorite controller on the road, find a suitable case that is both sturdy and lightweight.

Gadget 10: A Powerful VPN

An optimal gaming environment doesn’t matter, if you’re locked out of the internet, attacked online, targeted by bullying, or hacked. The only way to protect yourself is to hide your identity and location while gaming. The best tool to achieve this is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs employ tools like military-grade encryption and hidden IP addresses to keep you anonymous online. The best VPNs provide security features designed specifically for gaming, making them the most effective protection.

Modern games can be breathtaking experiences, but many players are still using the same basic gaming equipment from the 1990s: a screen and a controller. If you want to really experience everything modern games have to offer, invest in the right tools. You’ll never look back.