Following on from my SIVGA Phoenix review, I have also been checking out the more affordable SIVGA Robin which also goes by the name of SVO21.

These are a bit more of a mainstream-friendly pair of cans, being closed back with a bass-forward V shape and cost less than £150.

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  • Form: Closed-back headphones
  • Drivers: 1 x 50mm dynamic driver with an ultra-thin diaphragm made of polycarbonate (PC) and fibre
  • Impedance (Ohms): 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (dB): 105 dB ± 3 dB
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Removable Cable: Y
  • Source Jack: 3.5mm
  • Cup/Shell Jack: 2.5mm dual-mono jack
  • Mic: N
  • Weight (g): 275 g

Design and Fit

I was sent the black Zebrano model, which is not black but has a very dark stain to it. In some lights, it looks like a generic, boring dark colour, but in the right light, the wood grain is much more apparent.

From the photos, I think the Rosewood looks far more impressive, and I would say they are one of the most attractive headphones I have seen.

The earpads are thick and comfortable and are coated entirely in PU leather (unlike the cloth material the Phoenix used). The closed-back design and leather earpads made these a bit warm when worn for prolonged periods.

The headphones are comfortable to wear. They feel extremely lightweight and have a low clamping force on the side of my head. I have a moderately large head, but I have the headband retracted fully. Extending the headband out makes these far too loose. I think anyone with a small head may find these a bit large.

The cable for the headphones is detachable, as you’d expect. It appears to be good quality and uses a nylon braided cable rather than plastic, making them a bit more durable and attractive.

Sound Quality

Unlike the SIVGA Phoenix, these are closed-back headphones, and these have a much more bass-forward sound profile with an overall V shape.

Bass-heavy tracks, therefore, sound impressive with deep thumping bass but not overwhelmingly so. If you are a massive bass head, these may not please you, but I think it will appeal to most buyers.

Mid-range feels a little more recessed to me, but they sound good with accurate vocals and neutral tonality.

The Phoenix dropped off in the highs, whereas I think the treble on these is well extended.

I did find some highs a bit sharp, I seem to be overly sensitive to this frequency, so I prefer things to taper off a bit in the upper treble. This was particularly noticeable on some punk tracks where you already have a harsh, dirty sound. When screamy vocals and some of the harsher guitars riffs kicked in, the overall sound was quite fatiguing for me.

The soundstage is quite small, perhaps a little less than a normally closed-back headphone and certainly in comparison to the SIVGA Phoenix.

Price and Alternative Options

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The SIVGA Robin are available from Amazon with an RRP of £149.99. There is currently a 10% voucher also available.

The SIVGA Phoenix I previously reviewed are £235, again with 10% off

These headphones remind me of the Meze 99 Neo, I prefer the Meze, but they are also quite a bit more expensive at £232. The Classics are currently around £269, and most people seem to prefer these over the Neo.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones are insanely popular and would be a good alternative. The build materials and aesthetics are less impressive, but they are a bit cheaper.


The SIVGA Robin are a good pair of headphones that look amazing, with a build quality and aesthetics that outclass other headphones at this price point.

Sound quality is good, and they are enjoyable to listen to with a V-shaped sound profile. The bass emphasis may not appeal to people wanting a neutral sound, and for me, the extended treble could sound quite piercing with some genres of music.

I think the pricing is good for these, at around £135, I think you’d struggle to find something significantly better.

Out of the Phoenix and Robin, I prefer the overall sound of the SIVGA Phoenix, but once you factor in the price, I think it is a tough call to say which is best.

SIVGA Robin (SVO21) Headphones Review Rating


The SIVGA Robin are a good pair of headphones that look amazing, with a build quality and aesthetics that outclass other headphones at this price point. The V-shaped sound profile will have mass appeal but the treble is well extended and can make them a little fatiguing for sensitive ears.

  • Overall - 75%


  • Beautiful and well-made headphones
  • Attractively priced
  • V-shaped sound profile that will likely please most people


  • If you are sensitive to highs then they can occasionally sound harsh

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