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The Reolink E1 Pro is a new PTZ indoor camera padding out the extensive range of Reolink cameras currently available.

Currently priced at just £49.99 this is positioned well as either a pet cam or baby cam and integrates with the Reolink app which is compatible with the full range of Reolink cameras.

The camera has a 4MP lens allowing it to record at 2560×1440  and the PTZ has a 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt. There is no optical zoom on this model, but Reolink does sell a 5MP model with 3x zoom.

While it is probably not important for many people, one of the unique features of this camera is that it can operate on 2.4/5 GHz dual-band WiFi, this gives you a bit more flexibility with your WiFi and the increased bandwidth of 5 GHz should help with streaming quality.

Similar to some of the Ezviz cameras, you have the option to record to microSD, network video recorder (NVR) and cloud recording. Just like Ezviz, with these cameras, you will be restricted to using the Reolonk NVR options, as this does not use ONVIF.

Unfortunately, cloud recording is currently only available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand

This is set up via the Reolink app, and with it being compatible with an NVR, you have the option to build an extensive home surveillance solution with indoor and outdoor cameras.

It is worth noting that this is powered by a normal power cable and not any form of USB. The supplied adaptor is 3m in length.


Getting the camera up and running is simple. You will need the Reolink app, and from there you will need to scan the QR code, type in your WiFi details and display the QR code in front of the camera for it to read. I find this method of set up a bit more reliable than cameras that need you to connect to their WiFi in order to pass the credentials over.

In order for you to record footage, you will need to insert a microSD card. Alternatively, if you have a Reolink NVR you can use that. With the NVR option, you will be able to set up 24/7 recording, and this could be where the 5Ghz may come in handy, especially if you have multiple cameras on the network.

With the camera up and running, you have a wide range of settings you can tweak. This includes motion sensing, with sensitivity and zones. You can set up recording schedules, and a privacy mask to block out sensitive areas. You can also tweak the various image settings, but I found it best to keep these as default.

With motion alerts, you can have push notifications from the app, email alerts or have a siren/voice alert go off.


Performance is good, like most Reolink cameras. Both daytime and night-time footage is excellent for the price you are paying.

The PTZ is very slow to respond so panning around tracking something is not always easy, but this is the case for most affordable cameras. It does you give the flexibility to place the camera anywhere you want then adjust where the camera is pointing afterwards.

I don’t have much use for the two-way mic and speaker but this works well, I am able to shout orders to my partner when she is in the kitchen.


You can never really go wrong with Reolink if you are wanting an affordable security camera. This has an extensive range of features, decent quality video and can be integrated into a more comprehensive security system.

PTZ can be slow to respond, but I have found that is the case for most PTZ cameras, certainly affordable ones.

I think Reolink has one of the widest range of cameras I can think of, all of which are affordable for their specification. The extensive recording choices mean you should be able to build a surveillance system that can accommodate any requirement. The only downside is that Reolink NVRs only work with Reolink cameras, so you can’t mix and match brands.

Reolink E1 Pro Review Rating


The Reolink E1 Pro is an impressive affordable indoor PTZ camera ideal as a nanny or pet cam, and can be integrated as part of a larger home surveillance solution with the extensive Reolink range.

  • Overall - 80%

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