Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike Review – A lightweight single-gear electric bike which I love

I have reviewed several electric bikes this year, and they have all been excellent, with each one excelling at different things. Recent reviews have included the Cyrusher XF900 750W fat tire bike as well as the Engwe Engine Pro 750W foldable. Both are capable of going faster than UK speed limits and provide incredibly smooth … Read more

Amazon eero Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Comparison – eero 6 vs 6+ vs Pro 6 vs Pro 6E – With Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon eero is a range of mesh Wi-Fi systems I have not really covered a lot. They are a popular option which I suspect is partly due to Amazon’s ability to aggressively market products but also because they just work. The product range has expanded over the years, and you have options going from the … Read more

Philips Hue Festavia String Lights Review – Smart Christmas tree lights that compete vs Twinkly

Recently, Philips Hue announced the Festavia string lights, which are designed for Christmas and the holiday season and, more specifically, Christmas Trees. There are surprisingly very few brands competing in the smart Christmas tree lighting niche. You have your typical random Chinese brands available on Amazon, but if you want a good experience, there has … Read more

Voxi vs Smarty vs GiffGaff vs Lebara – Black Friday Deals – Which monthly SIM-only is cheapest? PAYG rolling monthly SIM deals

While 24-month phone contract deals remain popular, over the years, many people have realised it is more cost-efficient to buy a phone upfront and then get a SIM-only deal. You can normally get the best deals by committing to a 12-month contract. However, in recent years rolling monthly PAYG style contracts have become increasingly popular. … Read more

Oral-B iO Series 8 vs iO9 vs Oral-B Genius X – Black Friday 2022 Deals

This post was originally written in February 2020. While I was a little critical of the Oral-B IO at first, this was more due to the over-inflated prices toothbrushes launch at. Amazon currently states its RRP as £449.99, which is enough to buy a decent laptop or a decent phone. However, as always, almost immediately … Read more

Black Friday: 45% off Simba Hybrid Mattress – King Size is £632 – Nectar 50% off – £525 for King

Not exactly consumer tech, but I cover fitness, and sleep is an essential part of that, which has led me to review several mattresses in the past (+ I am just a bit obsessed with improving my sleep). Most mattresses have deals on throughout the year, and you should never buy one full price. Like … Read more

Eufy Security S300 eufyCam 3C Review: Now with expandable storage via the HomeBase 3 and new advanced AI face detection

I reviewed the eufyCam 2C over two years ago, and it is probably one of the best battery-powered cameras I have reviewed (I never reviewed the Pro variant). It was the first battery-powered camera that I was happy with to use on my home thanks to the excellent battery life and colour night time footage … Read more

The most watched Netflix shows in 2022

The end of the year is approaching, and that’s exactly why it’s worth compiling a list of the series that have been big hits this year based on viewing numbers. 2022 was a year of the booming streaming industry, including Netflix. ExpressVPN’s piece helps us to present the most streamed shows in 2022 in a … Read more

Jackery’s Biggest Ever Black Friday Sale: Discounts Up to $1080 OFF & Contest prizes totaling $250,000

Jackery, a global company with over 2 million unit sales, is a pioneer in the solar generator industry and well known for its range of power generators including portable power stations, solar generators, and accessories.  With a mission to provide sustainable and green energy outdoors, today Jackery is considered a leader in the field of … Read more

Dial Code of Liverpool: What’s Its Story and When You Need It

When calling someone in Liverpool, don’t forget to put the 0151 area code into the number you dial. This code encompasses the counties of Merseyside and Cheshire, which contains Liverpool as well as 42 surrounding locations. Also, some companies outside the area can buy a Liverpool-located number for a number of reasons. Using area codes … Read more

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