Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 could have one killer feature vs the Honor Band 5 misses – NFC

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My review of the Honor Band 5 is due to go live on Tuesday, and currently, I think it is the best affordable fitness tracker on the market (with UK availability).

It's one competing product is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, and in the UK there is not a great deal of differences between the two products. Honor has the blood oxygen readings so they possibly have a slight edge. However, the current Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that was launched for the Chinese market also includes NFC and а microphone. The NFC allows the wearable to support contactless payments, which I think adds a huge amount of value to the device. This has led to a large number of consumers bypassing the International variation and importing the NFC enabled one from China.

A new report suggests that Xiaomi will be launching the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 with NFC. Though at the moment it is unclear if it will also feature a microphone.

Honor doesn't have to worry too much yet though, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 launched in June of this year, and it is expected the followup will launch around the same time next year.

Honor launched their Band 5 back at IFA towards the end of August, so it will be interesting to see how they compete for their model next year.

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