Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Review – Much better than expected for the price

The Yeedi K650 a budget robot vacuum that is unfortunately not available in the UK currently. In the US you can pick it up on Amazon for $199.99 at full price or around $130 with the current (and regular) discounts. This makes it the cheapest robotic vacuum I have reviewed, and it is surprisingly good. … Read more

Serverless Platform Comparison: Five Best Serverless Platforms for 2021

Serverless platforms have changed the way companies operate. Instead of maintaining their own private servers, companies go for serverless computing. It saves storage space and helps your business to become more scalable, agile and efficient. There are many different serverless computing platforms you can use. You need to choose the serverless infrastructure which suits your … Read more

Xiaomi Mi 11 beats the Samsung Galaxy S21 as the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 phone

Samsung have always traditionally been the first company to launch a phone with the flagship Qualcomm chipset for the year. Xiaomi threatened to beat them last year but didn’t quite make it. However, this year they managed to squeeze out a release just before year-end. This is a Chinese launch, and for the standard Mi … Read more

Vilfo VPN Router Review – A user-friendly pfSense alternative with clever group & device-based VPN control

The Vilfo VPN Router is designed to allow you to take full control of your network, circumvent geo-blocking & browse safely online. Vilfo is an offshoot from OVPN, started by them, but independent from them. Originally things started with the development of OVPNbox, which was a router based on pfSense. They later found that pfSense … Read more

Here’s How You Can Make A Movie With Minimal Resources. Read On To Know More

Creating a full-length movie with minimal resources can be a cumbersome job, considering that your ideas might get restrained because of the tight budget.  Regardless of the budget size, beginners should not let that stop them from entering into film production if they are passionate about it.  Follow the step-by-step guide below to create a … Read more

Competition: Win a Gamesir G4 Pro cross-platform gamepad for PC, Android, Nintendo Switch & iOS

There are only so many Gamesir gamepads I can use personally, so I am giving away the latest Gamesir G4 Pro I reviewed last month. This is actually one of their best controllers, I would have given away a less good one, but I have mislaid the box. This controller works with the PC, Android … Read more

5 Ways to Make User-Friendly Software

User-friendliness is a decisive factor for any piece of software. All apps and operating systems have to abide by a straightforward rule — if you are not user-friendly, you will sooner or later get replaced by something that is. This shows the importance of user-friendly software in current times. We want our mobile apps to … Read more

Reolink RLC-1220A Review – A 12MP Dome PoE Home Security camera with person & vehicle detection

Following on from my review of the superb Reolink RLC-510A and RLC-810A cameras, I have been sent the brand new and yet to be released Reolink RLC-1220A. It should be available soon, and you can buy it from here. The is a monster 12MP camera offering a recording resolution of up to 4096×3072. Similar to … Read more

Bridging the gap – why you need VoIP with mobile

The importance of being available for your customers and suppliers can’t be overstated and businesses that invest in their telecommunications are usually right at the top of the satisfaction rankings. Mobile phones are a great thing but the much-promised connectivity often doesn’t turn up in the real world. Whilst it should be a simple matter … Read more

Exploring A New City With Top Mobile Apps

Mobile technology has advanced a lot over the years and has fast changed how we do a lot of things. There are now many mobile apps that users can download on their phones for commuting, managing finances, shopping, and getting in touch with family. These days the majority of adults own a smartphone and these … Read more

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