Win a UMIDIGI A1 PRO 5.5 inch Android 8.1 smartphone

** This contest has now ended. The winner has been contacted and the prize posted ** A few weeks ago I reviewed the superb budget UMIDIGI A1 smartphone, priced at just £119.99 on Amazon UK it offers premium looks and a level of performance that should be more than good enough for the majority of users. … Read more

Netgem Netbox HD launches with Netgem TV offering FreeView Play and Amazon Prime Video

While most modern TVs have a decent OS running them providing access to Freeview and catch up, the experience can vary between manufacturers. TVs that are just a few years old can often be heavily flawed with their TV  services. This is why streaming devices are a great option, you can replace the smart functions … Read more

Best Budget-Friendly Drones for GoPro

GoPro and compact action cameras are as good as synonyms by now, and the followers of this cult never seem to have enough! From extreme athletes to adventure seekers, GoPro cams have become indispensable and so has the possibility of making the most out of them. Aficionados of photography have shown how the best way … Read more

Nvidia graphics PCB leaks – Possible GTX 1180 or Quadro testbed

Pictures of a new Nvidia test-GPU has leaked online, revealing Nvidia’s first graphics card with GDDR6 memory, there is no word on what GPU this will relate to in the future but initial signs appear to be pointing towards a GTX 1080 Ti replacement which could be the GTX 1180/2080 depending on which rumour you believe. Not a … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro launched with dual rear camera, and Snapdragon 625 SoC – £177 on Banggood

The Redmi range of phones has always been a popular line model from Chinese maker Xiaomi. Even though the phones are not readily available in the UK, many people take the risk of grey imports as the phones offer a lot of spec for the money. The latest model in the range, the Redmi 6 Pro comes … Read more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 – A 12W SoC for Windows 10 PCs : SDM1000

Qualcomm has been busy the past few months, rather than just relying on the mobile phone industry which is stagnating somewhat, they have been working on new chips that can fill the void of declining phone sales. So far this year they have announced details of the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform which is the … Read more

Nvidia receives back 300,000 GPUs after overestimating crypto mining & gamer demand causing delays to GTX 2080/1180

PC users have had a frustrating couple of years with rising RAM and GPU prices. The DDR4 RAM issue could be due to price fixing and/or an issue with supply and demand with so many modern PCs and phones switching to DDR4. With the GPU market, everyone has blamed the surge of crypto-currency mining but … Read more

DRAM / DDR4 Ram makers could be fined Billions in antitrust fines for price fixing

I have posted numerous times about the rising prices of DDR4, the cause being attributed to the massive increase in demand from the switch to DDR4 for desktops and laptops but and LP-DDR4 found in mobiles.  That hasn’t stopped many people on Reddit claiming that the big manufacturers are price fixes. It turns out that the Reddit users … Read more

HDR10+ certification rolls out providing Dolby Vision features royalty free

Similar to the Blue-Ray and HD-DVD days, the current HDR standard is split with 2 standards, HDR and Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is the superior standard, and we have discussed the differences in the past, but the HDR10 standard has a trick in its sleeve with a revision called HDR10+. HDR10+ delivers almost the same features as Dolby … Read more

Nvidia gives away 32GB Titan V CEO Edition GPU

For 20 lucky attendees of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, Nvidia surprised them with a free  Titan V CEO Edition GPU. This unannounced GPU is a special version of the Titan V which has more than double the VRAM capacity than normal at 32GB. While not really a consumer card, the Titan range has always appealed to … Read more

ACER to launch 49 and 55-inch 4K HDR PC IPS displays

If you live in Japan you should now be able to get hold of one of the new large HDR displays Acer has produced. The two displays come in at 49 and 55 inches with the excellent names of  EB550Kbmiiipx (55-inch) and EB490QKbmiiipfx (49-inch). The new 4K displays are fully HDR10 compliant with 10-bit colour via DisplayPort 1.2 however … Read more

Thermaltake View 22 TG Tempered Glass Review

I don’t get the opportunity to review much desktop PC related stuff, so I was excited when Thermaltake asked me to review one of their latest cases. The Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass is a mid-tower full ATX case which features streamlined front panel structure, one durable 4mm thick left tempered glass window, one preinstalled … Read more

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2nd Gen 2990X 32-core CPU specification leaks with base 3.0GHz & boost 4.2GHz

We already knew that AMD will be releasing their second generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors, promising core/thread counts of up to 32 cores and 64 threads, a 2x boost over their previous generation.  Which looks like we are entering a core count war with Intel set to launch a 28-core CPU a chip that is likely based … Read more

Oppo Find X will have a 93.8% screen to body ratio & slide out cameras

Lenovo promised us a full-screen phone but then failed to deliver, and vivo has finally introduced their innovative NEX phone with a full body screen and pop out camera. It now looks like the OPPO Find X will be the next phone to adopt a full-screen display. A video advert appears to show the new phone which has … Read more

Garmin 5S Plus / 5 Plus & 5X Live on Garmin US – 5 Plus is $849.99 USD

Garmin hasn’t officially announced the update for the the the Garmin Fenix 5 range yet, but they have put the page live for on the Garmin website with full information of the entire range, including the price of the 5-Plus Saphire edition which is $849.99 As previously reported the new plus range is updated with colour TOPO … Read more

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