Reolink RLC-81MA 4K dual-lens PoE security camera with wide and telephoto lenses announced at CES 2023 + new fisheye cameras

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Following on from the Reolink Argus announcement is the new Reolink RLC-81MA.

I generally prefer the wired range of cameras from Reolink, and I personally think this is the niche they excel in, with very little competition against them unless you go from more expensive brands like Hikvision.

RLC-81MA – A 4K dual-lens PoE security camera that allows you to watch through wide and telephoto lenses simultaneously

Key features:

  • 4K 8MP Ultra HD
  • Dual Lens, Dual View
  • Person/Vehicle/Pet detection
  • Spotlight colour night vision
  • PoE
  • Two-way audio  

The new Reolink RLC-81MA sounds a lot like the Reolink Trackmix, but it is a fixed lens, with one being a wide lens for a full view of the environment and then a second telephoto lens. Much like the Trackmix, this will likely excel in a raised or far back location, allowing you to see approaching objects, but the zoom lens can focus on a specific spot, allowing you to capture accurate footage from far out.

Reolink Fisheye Cameras

I don’t have much information, but Reolink is announcing a new lineup of cameras with a  fisheye lens. They are designed to offer 6MP super HD images and 360° panorama to cover every angle. These compact devices are perfect for indoor use in stores, offices, warehouses, etc.

12MP RLC-1212A and RLC-1224A

These have been out for a while, but at CES, consumers can also see the 12MP cameras with Reolink's best technology: RLC-1212A and RLC-1224A. These two ultra HD cameras redefine the resolution of security cameras and help users identify more details easily, like human faces.

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