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Maidesite’s S2B Pro is a beautiful triple-layered solid wood bamboo standing desk. Its minimalistic and sleek design allows this workstation to fit elegantly into a modern home. In addition, standing desks offer a plethora of health benefits as the user can seamlessly transition between sitting and standing and anything in between.


Before even opening the box, you will realise how heavy the desk is. Therefore, I truly recommend getting assistance manoeuvring your parcels to their desired location. Well, at least if you put your back out, you’ve got the right desk for it!

Fortunately for the desk itself, it is very well packaged, which is very nice to see.

Starting the construction, I found it to have slightly complicated instructions as it seems the stand is designed to be used with multiple different table tops. Although the assembly was easy in hindsight, there was just too much detail to wade through to find out what you were supposed to do.

Users can choose the control panel’s location, either on the left or right of the table. There are pre-drilled holes for this; however if desired, the user could simply drill their own pilot holes for affixing the unit.

One point worthy of note is the power cord will always exit from the opposite side of the cable management tray compared to the control panel because of the design of the power supply unit. That is if the user doesn’t wish to partake in some moderate tomfoolery wrangling the wires within their compartment to exit via an alternate route.


I had the luxury of using the table on a new flat floor, so levelling wasn’t a problem. However, if necessary, the desk’s feet can be rotated to extend or retract; this may be a little tricky to perform solo because of the weight of the desk.

Cable management

The table comes with sticky back cable ties but doesn’t really come with any cable management system for the user’s wires. Though advertised to include cable management, the cable passage is screwed to the underside of the table and is inaccessible once the assembly is complete.


The worktop is made from triple-layered bamboo sheeting and varnished to show the vibrant colours at the core of the material. The colour adds a nice warm light to the room, being a visually appealing surface but not overbearing. Bamboo is also an excellent material to use as it’s a fast-growing renewable resource; additionally, to produce this surface it’s entirely chemical-free.

Moreover, the desk has a nice ergonomic contour and rounded corners. Combined with the bamboo texture, this desk has an elegant depth and natural flow. When I mention the bamboo texture, I am referring to it visually as the surface itself is incredibly consistently smooth; I daren’t put anything on it.

Controls and Programming

Programming is simple and intuitive. There are additional instructions included within the booklet for more complex adjustments. Within these extra settings, the user can change the unit of measurement from millimetres (mm) to inches (in). The user can also change the maximum and minimum extents of the table’s height adjustment as well as the sensitivity of the anti-collision system. Users can set the upper and lower dimensions of the table separately from the memory settings so that even the manual adjustments cannot surpass them. The furthest extents the S2B can reach is 70cm to 120cm, suited for people between 5-6ft tall.

On the rear of the panel is the physical button to activate the child lock feature. This button disables the main conductive display panel, reducing interference from stray pets, youths, or elbows.

Four memory slots allow for a good variety of presets for one or more users. Personally, I found it beneficial to have a standing height, sitting height, and writing height. It might seem daft, but if I’ve got the options, I might as well use them.

Fine-tuning your presets is easy as the controls are responsive and give good feedback when you’ve adjusted and overwritten your previous settings.

A simple alarm is also featured to alert the user to alternate between standing and sitting. The three options are 30mins, 1hr, and 2hr intervals. Though this is a limited selection, it fits well with the simplicity of the overall design and aesthetic.

Another pleasant little feature on the desk is a USB charger. A tiny little feature that helps keep a clear workspace, potentially increasing workflow.


Thankfully due care and consideration has gone into the speed and acceleration of the motors. Even though I’m well aware these machines are designed to be gentle; I still couldn’t help but imagine my laptop making a sudden unexpected visit to the stratosphere. Joking aside, the motion of the table is fast, but not concerningly so. It can also lift a surprising amount, up to 100kgs, equivalent to 8 gold blocks or your average panda.

Additionally, the table is incredibly rigid at its highest and lowest extents. Even in motion, the table is secure with minimal vibration and sound. The S2B’s motors produce less than 50dB; this is about the same volume as a fridge, a little louder than a babbling brook.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a lovely desk, and I’m delighted to have it. Having a clean, sleek design and a deep-toned solid bamboo surface, it’s actually quite a luxury.

You can buy the Maidesite Bamboo Top Standing Desk here

Or if you just want the frame, then the Maidesite T2 Pro is available here.

Maidesite S2B Pro Bamboo Top Electric Standing Desk Review Rating


The Maidesite S2B Pro is an excellent electric standing desk with a beautiful bamboo top

  • Overall - 80%

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