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I am not personally an iPhone user, and I am a little bit jealous of the MagSafe feature that rolled out with the iPhone 12. It is just a sensible addition to wireless charging, allowing you to easily put your phone on charge without thinking about where it is placed or the position it is in.

It has also opened a range of useful accessories. I have used wireless charging power banks for Android, but I find that they are a nightmare to position properly on the phone. MagSafe wireless power banks are a much more sensible solution, affixing your phone in place secure enough that you can put it in your pocket or bag and keep charging.

The ESR HaloLock Kickstand takes things a little further with its additional kickstand. When you are at a desk, you can prop your phone up and charge it, having it easily viewable for notifications. It is also possible to mount your phone in a horizontal position allowing you to charge it while you watch media.

With the iPhone still using the lightning connector, I find it a little odd that the wired output/input is USB-C only. I would have thought that a product that’s targeting iPhone users specifically would benefit from a couple of port choices, USB-C and lightning.

The official MagSafe Battery Pack only has a lightning port, while most competing options also only have USB-C. However, there are some options with lightning for input, USB-C for input/output and USB-A for output. This seems like the perfect solution.

This model comes with a 10000mAh capacity which should fully charge the largest iPhone 14 Pro Max 1.3 times, so you should be able to get more than 2 days of use out of your phone when carrying this around with you.

Sadly, this is limited to just 7.5W wireless charging, but it can do 20W charging via a cable. The official battery pack also only does 7.5W but will go to 15W when the battery pack is plugged in.

Price and Alternative Options

Buy direct from ESR

The HaloLock 10000mAh Kickstand Wireless Power Bank is priced at £54, making it an absolute bargain compared to the official £99 MagSafe Battery Pack, which can’t even charge the iPhone 14 Pro Max by half.

ESR also has the 5000mAh model for £36.

Anker has the 633 Power Bank, which is almost the same as the HaloLock 10K and priced at £60.

Spigen has a 5000mAh non-kickstand charger for just £22.50

The LL TRADER 001 10000mAh battery pack lacks the kickstand but is a 1000mAh battery and has lightning for input, USB-C for input/output and USB-A for output.

The Yiisonger is 10000mAh, has a foldable kickstand, lightning for input, USB-C for input/output and USB-A for output and costs £33.


I like the ESR HaloLock power bank, I’d certainly recommend it over the official Apple MagSafe battery pack.

You pay a bit of a premium compared to some of the third-party brands on Amazon, but a lot of these are from random Chinese brands. I think I’d prefer to spend a little extra on a more reputable brand.

I would have preferred to see some more ports on this for better charging options, but this seems to be a common problem with all of the competing options for reputable brands.

ESR HaloLock 10000mAh Kickstand Wireless Power Bank Review Rating


I like the ESR HaloLock power bank. I’d certainly recommend it over the official Apple MagSafe battery pack.

  • Overall - 75%


  • Significantly better buy than the official Apple MagSafe battery pack
  • Kick stand design is great for travelling


  • Would benefit from a lightning port for input
  • Priced a little high

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