The Edifier W240TN is the latest pair of ANC earbuds in the ever-growing list of Edifier earbuds.

A quick scan of Amazon shows at least seven different TWS earbuds from Edifier. The new W240TN sit somewhere in the upper middle of Edifiers range, albeit still quite cheap at just £80. It is only the NeoBud options that are priced higher.

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  • Coaxial Dual Dynamic Drivers (Φ6mm+Φ10mm)
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 9-hour playback + 18 hours with charging case
  • Eye-catching metallic design inspired by a piston-head
  • Hybrid ANC 
  • Dedicated low latency gaming mode + Ambient ANC mode
  • IP55 water resistant and sweatproof
  • AI call noise cancellation technology
  • Push-button controls
  • SBC Bluetooth codec

Design and Fit

These have a slightly unusual design. You have the main body of the earbud, then another bit which protrudes further outwards.

This made me think they may not provide the best fit. I was expecting that the centre of gravity would be too far outside of my ear. Thankfully though, this was not the case, with the larger ear tips, I found them quite comfortable, and I did not find that I needed to adjust them frequently.

Thanks to the IP55 rating and comfortable fit, I managed a 10-mile run, and I don’t think I adjusted the earbuds once.


These support the Edifier App, which provides some basic additional controls.

You can program the touch controls, control the ANC and tweak the EQ. There is nothing particularly special about it, but having this level of control is always a bonus.

Sound Quality

Unusual for a pair of affordable earbuds, these have dual drivers. There is a 10mm-woofer and a 6mm-tweeter built in each earbud to ensure a wider frequency response.

For some odd reason, Edifier has only implemented the SBC codec on these. Edifier are normally good for the codec support, with many of the earbuds supporting aptX and aptX Adaptive, so it seems strange to use a dual driver design then a low-quality codec.

However, the earbuds still manage to sound good.

There does seem to be a noticeable benefit with the dual-driver design. With some punk tracks that are guitar-heavy with high-pitched screamy vocals, the instruments come through clearly without the low end of drums muddying the sound.

Switching to electronica and hip hop, those higher notes are more recessed, allowing a warmer, deeper sound to come through with good levels of bass.

I found vocals always came through clearly regardless of genre, and this applied to warmer female vocals as well as the shouty men I often listen to.

Within the edifier app, you can tweak the audio with a basic EQ. There are just two pre-sets, but there is also an option for a custom EQ.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is good for a pair of earbuds at this price. With my usual test of aeroplane cabin noise, the earbuds removed most of the low-end hum while leaving quite a bit of high-end hiss.

I recently switched my speakers to the Airpulse A100, which produces more high-end than my old Edifier speakers. With these speakers, it wasn’t just the Edifier W240TN that struggled to remove the high end, but also my much more expensive Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2.

For day-to-day use, these do a good job of eliminating or reducing general environmental noises, making it easier to enjoy your music or media.

When I ran with these, I did get quite a bit of wind noise from time to time, but not significantly worse than any other ANC earbuds I run with.


The battery life is excellent, with the ANC on these are rated for up to 7 hours, which is quite a bit longer than you will find on many premium ANC earbuds (my FreeBuds Pro 2 barely last 3 hours).

I rarely wear earbuds for anywhere near that length of time, but 4 hours is not uncommon, and therefore I like earbuds to have plenty of headroom with the battery to ensure this.

Price and Alternative Options

[amazon box=”B0B2PGF9VD”]

The Edifier W240TN earbuds have an RRP of £79.99 and are available on Amazon now.

Edifier has a lot of alternative options of their own, including the Edifier NB2 Pro, which are just £59.99 with the on-page discount voucher.

[amazon box=”B0B1LVC5VZ,B09C8NKJ8Z,B09C1F6F4K” template=”table” filterby=”price”]

There are a lot of options around this price point, including:


The Edifier W240TN are an excellent pair of affordable ANC earbuds.

The overall sound quality is good, and the dual driver design allows these to sound good across a wider range of frequencies than many bass-forward earbuds do nowadays. The lack of a high-quality audio codec is disappointing, but I didn’t find that it suffered too badly from this limitation.

These also fit well in my ears, and they are secure enough that I will likely use them for my next marathon event.

They join the list of the many other excellent earbuds that cost between £60-100, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recommend one earbud over another. Edifier themselves have the NB2 Pro, which you can currently pick up for £60.

Edifier W240TN True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review


The Edifier W240TN are an excellent pair of affordable ANC earbuds.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Good overall sound quality
  • Good ANC for earbuds a this price
  • Excellent battery


  • Limited to SBC codec

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