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Edifier MP211 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Edifier MP211 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

We have reviewed Edifier products before, and they are a popular brand on Amazon, and now several other retailers sell their products including Overclockers. Specialising in the audio market they cover speakers of varying prices from cheap to high-end PC speakers.

The Edifier MP211 is one of their more affordable products at around £20 and is a small portable Bluetooth speaker.

In terms of size, it is one of the smaller Bluetooth speakers I have reviewed, it is shorter and narrower than my LG V20 but maybe 3 times as thick. Official dimensions are 3.1 x 14.8 x 6.2 cm. It is quite light to hold with the official weight being 0.215KG. So, you could easily squeeze this into some pants pockets if they are not too slim, or carry it in a hand bag without is weighing you down. This makes it ideal for days out like festivals, camping and picnics for example.

As with all modern Bluetooth devices, it is very easy to pair up, I just switched it on, searched for it on my phone and connected. From there you can just stream as normal. It will handle all your calls too, with a dedicated button to accept an incoming call.

It includes an AUX hole so you can always plug in directly without pairing up. I would say the stand out feature for me is the included MicroSD slot, so you don’t even need to connect a phone up, you can just plug in a card with some music and play directly off that.

It is always hard to comment on the performance of these devices, the price and size of it mean it is never going to sound amazing compared to larger systems. It is physically impossible for it to compete with them. That being said it performs well for its diminutive size, it has a decent amount of volume that should be adequate for a small group of people. Bass is understandably lacking, leaving some distortion on heavier tracks. Mids and highs perform quite well though.

Overall this is a nice little speaker and performs very well for the price. Its size and MicroSD slot make it a great option for travelling.