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I have been quite impressed with several of the Brainwavz headphones in the past, and the BLU-300 are the first Bluetooth headphones and the first sports orientated pair I have reviewed from them.

At just £19.50 these are well into the budget range of headphones category making them cheaper than all the recent models I have reviewed.

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Design and Build

While these are budget priced the overall build quality and look is better than the price would indicate. In particular, these have a far better build quality than all the random named budget brands I have tried including MPOW, Dodocool and Yobola.

These have a sort of semi-neckband design, rather than a heavy thick neckband that sits on your neck it is a flexible but thick band with the components sitting at the end of it. This gives them a bit more of a lightweight design compared to the RHA MA750 for example.

The controls also sit on the neckband rather than a separate bit dangling loosely below your ear. This helps reduce the pulling action on your ear when running about.

The two earphones themselves are magnetic allowing you to remove them but keep them around your neck without losing them.

I feel reasonably confident that these will handle sweat and rain quite well, the rubber neck strap and battery compartment all look well sealed to me.

If you like the next band style then the overall design and build quality is excellent especially considering the price.

Performance and Fit

The overall sound quality from these is good; they go surprisingly loud which is a good thing for gym orientated earphones. They have punchier deep low ends than some of the other Brainwavz models I have reviewed, but they don’t have the crazy deep lows that the Anker Soundcore achieves.

The midrange and high end have a good representation with little to no noticeable distortion or harshness even when at moderately high volumes. The overall sound quality is well rounded and vibrant and quite lively.

I have found the fit to be good with these, selecting the right earpiece allowed me to create a decent seal which in turn improves the audio performance. With sports earphones, I tend to prefer over the ear hooks to avoid the earpiece falling out during vigorous activity such as running, but these still do a good job. I have run, cycled and rowed with these and not had too many issues with them, just the occasional re-adjustment.

Battery life measures at a decent 6-8 hours for continuous use, while standby time stretches out to 250 hours – and all of this from a 2-hour charge time.


Overall these are decent sports orientated earphones, at the sub-£20 price point you can’t really be too picky with things but these perform better than you would expect for the price. The build quality is certainly far better than other budget models.

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Brainwavz BLU-300 Wireless Earphones Review

Product Name: Brainwavz BLU-300 Wireless Earphones

Offer price: 19.50

Currency: GBP

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  • Overall - 80%

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