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TRENDnet is continuing heir expansion of affordable multi-gig switches that are ideal for home users and small businesses.


Today they have announced the TEG-S750 and TEG-S762.

It is the TEG-S750 that is perhaps the most interesting, I think this is the first proper switch to launch with all 10 gigabit Ethernet ports and be completely fanless.

Furthermore, it is priced reasonably attractively at just £314.99 GBP. I know that’s not cheap cheap, but until now, the only thing you might get at this price is a switch with mixed ports and just a couple of 10G ports, such as the Netgear GS110MX. Or alternatively, there are affordable 10G SFP switches

TRENDnet TEG-S750 Specification

  • 5 x 10G RJ-45 ports
  • Supports IEEE 802.3bz 2.5G/5G BASE-T over Cat5e cabling (or better)
  • Supports IEEE 802.3an 10G BASE-T over Cat6A cabling (or better)
  • 100Gbps switching capacity
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • MSRP: £314.99 GBP
  • Product page:


The TRENDnet TEG-S762 is an alternative more affordable option. This has just two 10G RJ-45 ports but then four 2.5G RJ-45 ports. This could be handy for connecting your PC to a NAS/Server while feeding 2.5G to routers/access points.

TRENDnet TEG-S762 Specification

  • 4 x 2.5G RJ-45 ports
  • 2 x 10G RJ-45 ports
  • Compatible with existing Cat5e or better cabling
  • 60Gbps switching capacity
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • Wall mountable
  • MSRP: £214.99 GBP
  • Product page:

Price and Availablity

  • TRENDnet TEG-S750 MSRP: £314.99 GBP
  • TRENDnet TEG-S762 MSRP: £214.99 GBP

Both switches should be available immediately, multiple retailers in the US appear to be listing them with some already showing discounted priced

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