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In typical OnePlus fashion, the Nord has been hyped for weeks with various leaks revealing almost everything possible about it.

Today, the phone finally went official, and it accompanies the Realme X50 and OPPO Find X2 Lite as the first phones to arrive in the UK with the new affordable upper mid-range 5G chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 765G.

Plenty of phones already feature this chipset; the UK has just been slow to get them. We are likely going to see a lot more over the next few months, and with the current economic climate and increasing flagship prices, this could be the sweet spot for phones. In terms of day to day performance, you will struggle to notice the difference between a phone with the SD765G and a phone with the SD865.

With three phones on the market, what differentiates them?

No much. That’s what.

All three phones share a very similar specification, but not quite the same because we wouldn’t want to accuse BBK Electronics, the owner of the three brands in question, of reusing designs.

What’s the same?

Apart from the chipset running the phone, all three phones have almost, but not quite the same camera arrangement.

They all have a 48MP wide lens, and an 8MP ultra-wide. Then they all have the only moderately useful macro/depth sensors

I thought the primary sensor was different on the phones, but it looks like it is the same Sony IMX586.

Technically, OnePlus has a better depth senor, which is 5MP vs 2MP.

The OPPO and OnePlus share the same 32MP selfie sensor, but apart from that, the other selfie specs are different.

They all have 30w charging, and the battery of each phone is not much different with OPPO being the smallest at 4025 mAh then OnePlus at 4115 mAh and finally Realme at 4200 mAh

Both the OnePlus and OPPO are roughly the same 6.4-inch displays, and very similar dimensions and weight.

The OPPO and OnePlus both come with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage as standard. Realme has 128GB storage, but only 6GB of RAM.

What’s different?

The display is the big one. OnePlus has the best with an OLED display running at 1080p 90hz with a duel selfie punch hole. The OPPO also has an OLED display, but this runs at 60Hz then uses an old fashioned notch. Both these phones then use under-display fingerprint readers.

The Realme opts for a 120Hz IPS display with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. I have not used the other phones, but from my experience, I’d take the 90Hz OLED of the OnePlus any day of the week.

The Realme X50 has the least RAM at 6GB.

The OPPO and OnePlus use the same glass back build, while the Realme uses a plastic back.


The Realme X50 is the cheapest at a bargain £299

Then you have the OnePlus Nord at £379

Finally, the OPPO Find X2 Lite at £399


First of all, while the OPPO Find X2 Lite is likely a great phone. It is priced £20 more than OnePlus has almost an identical spec, but a worse screen. OnePlus is normally praised for their OxygenOS software, whereas I rarely hear people singing the praises of ColorOS.

So I would say that OPPO perhaps needs to readjust their prices. It has been out longer, and it is available on contract via O2, Vodafone, Virgin and others. So it is still a decent option on a contract deal.

Everyone but Three has dropped OnePlus for contract deals, at least on the 8, and Realme is not on contract, so if it is a contract deal you are after then the OPPO Find X2 Lite is the clear winner, through lack of competition.

As for SIM-free prices, spending an extra £80 on a better display is a hard sell for OnePlus over Realme. But I’d say it is probably worth it if you can justify the cost, you get more RAM, superior build quality and OxygenOS is nicer than Realme UI. All these little things add up to make it worth it, but only just.

As for the Realme X50, it is not perfect, I have had some software issues with it, but at £299 you are getting a phenomenal amount of phone for the money.

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