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Over the bank holiday weekend, a man called Petr Breneš from the Czech Republic managed to get his hands on a Garmin Edge 1040 and post multiple videos, including an unboxing and several menu walkthroughs.

It is not clear how he managed to get this sample, he doesn’t appear to work for Garmin, but his Facebook indicates he is a keen cyclist.

There is a good chance YouTube may take these videos down, but I have embedded the links below and have taken a couple of screenshots.  

A Garmin forum user recently posted details of the Garmin Edge 1040, which confirmed several features, including:

  • A significant increase in battery life and a massive 70-hours from the battery saver mode
  • Improved navigation that is aided by the new multi-band GNSS functionality.
  • Mapping, in general, should be improved thanks to heatmaps
  • The stamina feature we saw with the Fenix 7/Epix

Garmin Edge 1040 vs Edge 1040 Display

In one of his videos, he links to an image on Facebook showing the display difference between the Edge 1030 and 1040. It seems like the display is the same resolution, or at least it hasn’t improved much. Brightness and contrast do appear higher, but that could be a difference in settings.

Garmin Edge 1040 Unboxing

The unboxing video isn’t the best quality, but it doesn’t confirm that the Edge 1040 uses USB-C, which is likely to be one of the main upgrades people are looking for.

It has been rumoured that there is a solar version of the Edge 1040 and this could increase the battery life to over 100 hours. This particular sample does not appear to have any solar.

Garmin Edge 1040 Menu Walkthrough – Part 1. Hardware look and main screen

In this video, we see both the overall hardware design and the main widgetised menu. We also see a MTB Trail Navigation option, but he doesn’t allow the screen to load up properly for us to see what it is like.

Garmin Edge 1040 Menu Walkthrough – Part 2. Top menu and battery saver

Petr doesn’t add any additional comments on this video, but one user points out that multi-band GNSS is featured. This was a given, considering most of the recent watches launched have it.

Garmin Edge 1040 Menu Walkthrough – Part 3. Settings menu

Again, in this video, we see confirmation of the multi-band GNSS and the different settings you can choose. He also goes through all the sensors you can pair.

Garmin Edge 1040 Menu Walkthrough – Part 4. Activity screens and fields

In the video, Petr shows us the massive number of data fields you can use during activities. Menu navigation looks nice and smooth.

Garmin Edge 1040 Menu Walkthrough – Part 5. Activity profiles and data screens

In this video, Petr shows off some of the activity and data screens, this includes stamina and power guide. We have already seen stamina on most of the recent watches. Power Guide looks new, I am guessing this works similar to PacePro for running with it, giving you a suggested power based on the course and your target time.

It looks like the number of data screens on display at once is the same as the Edge 1030


Petr makes out that the Edge 1040 is just a minor upgrade, but it feels much faster and more responsive. The display has superior contrast. You get multi-band GNSS and other software features we have seen on recent watches. There is also the new Power Guide feature, and now the bike computer charges using USB-C.

Considering this Edge 1040 appears to be a full retail unit I would expect that the Edge 1040 launch is due any time soon.

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