Ugreen Nexode 140W GaNFast Charger Review – Power Delivery 3.1 for 140W on a single port

I have been reviewing a lot of power delivery chargers recently. It seems like there has been an influx of high-power multi-port chargers over the past few months. I love the adoption of USB-C as the universal charging standard (apart from Apple). It just makes life so much easier. Multi-port chargers are always great, I … Read more

Logitech for Creators Blue Sona Microphone Review – A dynamic XLR microphone with a supercardioid pickup for streamers and podcasters

The new Logitech for Creators Blue Sona is an active dynamic XLR microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern that is optimised for broadcasting, such as podcasting and streaming. This is a product that has been developed specifically for the new Logitech for Creators brand and represents the flagship product microphone product within that brand. It … Read more

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Review – How does it compare vs Logitech MX Vertical?

The Logitech MX Vertical is the most popular verticle ergonomic mouse on the market. Logitech is now expanding its product range with a new smaller and more affordable option, the Logitech Lift. I have never used any ergonomic peripherals before. I occasionally get RSI symptoms in my left hand from typing all day, and I … Read more

512 Audio expands product range with USB microphones and USB audio interface

Audio and podcasting may not be my forte, but I was very impressed with the 512 Audio Skylight XLR microphone. The brand is quickly padding out its product range with three new devices at CES 2020. There are two USB powered microphones that offer a lower price and more user-friendly and affordable interface than XLR. … Read more

Roccat Torch USB Microphone Review

With the growth of streaming and working from home, demand for decent quality microphones has boomed in the past year. I have reviewed a few good microphones in the past year, and the new Roccat Torch is the most affordable of them all. Specification / Features Sample/Bit Rate: 48kHz, 24-bit with optional selection for 44.1kHz … Read more

Sades Battle Ram Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review

Announced back in August, the Sades Battle Ram combo is an affordable keyboard, mouse and mouse mat set that would make a good gift for novice gamers getting into PC gaming. Specification / Features Keyboard Keyboard Type : Membrane-Switch Technology Keyboard Layout : 104-Key US layout Switch Lifespan : 10 Million Cycles Dimensions : 471*195*37 … Read more

The Best Webcams for Home Workers in 2021

In just over a year, webcams went from a niche product to an essential piece of equipment for many people studying or working from home. This blend of audio-visual technology is perfect for connecting with colleagues, teams, friends, fans and family – and can be installed anywhere. They also tend to deliver far better looking … Read more

512 Audio Announces Limelight & Skylight XLC Microphones for Creators, Priced at £189.99

512 Audio is a new audio brand based in Austin that are dedicated to delivering professional gear built for creators. The new microphones have been developed by the team from Warm Audio, an award-winning audio company what have developed classic-inspired microphones, preamps, guitar pedals and more For its initial debut, 512 Audio is introducing five … Read more

Huwder A2002 150W PD Charger Review – A bargain power delivery charger with up to 100W on a single USB-C port

Huwder is not a company I have heard of before, and they don’t have any presence on Amazon UK. I was a little bit sceptical of their attractively priced and very high spec USB chargers when they approached me for a review. I was, therefore, left pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be a … Read more

Edifier G2000 2.0 Computer Speakers Review – Decent compact, affordable 2.0 computer speakers aimed at gamers

I have never been a fan of headphones for long days in the office or gaming, I just find them a bit uncomfortable after a few hours.  I always use speakers when possible, but computer speakers can be physically large and often expensive. The Edifier G2000 is neither of those; these small 2.0 active speakers … Read more

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