If you want a portable Bluetooth speaker, then Anker almost certainly has a perfect choice for you. I have reviewed several speakers from them now. All of them have been fantastic and the Anker Soundcore Flare+ has been my favourite so far, just for the overall volume, bass and quality of sound it can produce.

The Soundcore Motion+ could very well steal that crown. While it may look dull compared to the Flare with its led ringed base, this chunky portable speaker packs some punch.

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Its design is functional too, the speaker sits on a tabletop with its speakers angled upwards at 15-degrees. This allows the speaker to direct the sound towards the listener rather than aiming it low down.

While this is portable, it is not something you can slip in your pocket on the way to the beach, nor is it ideal to take in your suitcase on holiday. But for a home speaker, in the kitchen or the garden during summer, its bulk is its main strength, allowing it to provide superior volume and bass.

Similar to many of the other Anker speakers, this is clad in a rubber type material with thick rubber covers over the ports, this allows Anker to achieve an IPX7 waterproof rating, allowing you to use it anywhere you want safely. I am always a big fan of this style of speaker in bathrooms and the kitchen, never having to worry about steam or moisture breaking things.

There is an impressive 12 hours playtime using the 6700 mAh battery, so this will keep the party going on long days out, though, in practice, this will dip depending on the volume you listen to. As usual for Anker speakers, this can work as a power bank if you are in desperate need for some juice in your phone. Conversely, if you are away for a long weekend with no access to power, you can charge this up via a power bank.

One of the selling points of this is that they use a USB-C port. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t make a huge difference, but with most mid-range and up phones using USB-C now, it is time we ditched microUSB for everything else. So charging this should be a little more convenient.

As you would expect with a new speaker, this comes Bluetooth 5, which improves the reliability of Bluetooth streaming and helps provide a little extra bandwidth which can be used for the hi-res audio.


Quite often, the bigger the speaker, the better it can perform. This, therefore, unsurprisingly, outperforms any pocket-size speaker you might consider.

The Soundcore Motion+ utilises two high-frequency tweeters, neodymium subwoofers, along with a passive radiator and has a total output of 30W.

The passive radiator allows the speaker to produce a surprising amount of bass, which is an area that is often lacking with portable speakers. While it can’t compete with a  dedicated subwoofer of static speakers, this can produce better bass than many other speakers of the same size.

It is not all bass though, I found that the other ranges are all well represented with strong mids and trebles.

If the default sound profile isn’t quite to your liking you can sue the Soundcore app to tweak the equaliser settings. There are a variety of predefined ones including bass up, bass off, heavy, voice, classical or you can create your own custom profile. I think I personally preferred the heavy pre-set, though this varies depending on the genre.

If you are feeling flush and want some more volume, you can pair this speaker up with a second matching speaker, giving you stereo audio.


If you want a portable speaker with big sound, then the Soundcore Motion+ is a fantastic option. I am not sure if it sounds quite as good as the Anker Soundcore Flare+, but it is a close call. It can go fractionally louder at 30W vs 25W, and it is about £10 cheaper at just £99.99.

The most important aspect of a speaker is how well it sounds, and for a portable speaker this is excellent, the passive radiator allows it to achieve lows that you won’t find on smaller cheaper options, while its tweeters give excellent clarity for the higher ranges.

Overall build quality and value for money are spot on as always for Anker.

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker Review


Well priced, fantastic build and excellent audio from a portable speaker.

  • Overall - 88%

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