Kingston Ironkey Vault Privacy 50 Review vs IronKey Locker+ 50

I have been working my way through the excellent range of Kingston Ironkey products. I started off with the impressive flagship IronKey Vault Privacy 80 with its touchscreen display and large SSD, then the affordable Ironkey Locker+ 50 and, more recently, the FIPS 140-3 Level 3 IronKey Keypad 200 The Kingston Ironkey Vault Privacy 50 … Read more

Kingston Ironkey Locker+ 50 (LP50) Hardware Encrypted USB Review – Affordable and easy to use

The new Kingston Ironkey Locker+ 50 USB drive is an affordable, secure drive that is a little bit different from all the other encrypted secure drives I have reviewed in the past. There is no FIPs certification, nor is there any physical security. All the security is built around the hardware encryption built into the … Read more

iStorage datAshur SD Review – Hardware Encrypted microSD cards for expandable secure storage

The iStorage datAshur SD is the only pin protected and hardware-encrypted USB microSD card reader on the market. It is an innovative solution that allows you to have expandable storage at a lower cost than buying separate encrypted drives. Specification Hardware: PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB Type-C flash drive with removable encrypted iStorage microSD Cards … Read more