5 Best Home Tech Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your Home

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One of the best ways to sell your home fast is by investing in home tech upgrades. Technology has come so far over recent years, allowing us to make our homes smarter and more convenient. In this post, we’ll review five top tech updates that can help attract potential buyers and boost your home’s resale … Read more

Smart Home Technology – How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Smart Lock Nuki

Welcome to the world of smart home technology! With the advancements made in recent years, transforming your home into an intelligent abode is easier than ever. Smart homes are no longer just a futuristic dream—they’re now accessible to almost everyone. From controlling lights and thermostats with voice commands to automatically locking doors when you leave, … Read more

TP-Link Tapo L930-5 RGBIC Light Strip Review vs L920-5 vs L900-5

The Tapo L930-5 was launched in the middle of 2022, and it is the first product to launch from them that can be integrated with Apple HomeKit. Tapo L930-5 vs L920-5 vs L900-5 I have previously reviewed the affordable Tapo L900-5, which uses an RGB chip that only allows a single colour to be used … Read more

Warning! Boundary Technologies / Smart Alarm has entered liquidation – Boundary Smart Alarm Review

A quick update on the 11/01/23, Boundary Technologies has had a new companies house filing confirming that there has been an appointment of a provisional liquidator in a winding-up by the court. Boundary Technologies is in liquidation It appears that Boundary Technologies may be in liquidation. This information is not 100% confirmed yet. A commenter … Read more

WiZ Luminaire Mobile Portable Light Review & Wiz A80 18.5W LED (150W equivalent)

Following on from my comparison between Wiz, Tapo and Philips Hue. Wiz was recently kind enough to send me some samples to test out. This included: WiZ Luminaire Mobile Portable Light Wiz 18.5W LED (150W equivalent) E27 Wiz 8W B22 It would seem that I don’t have any lights with the bayonet-style fitting, so I … Read more

SwitchBot Blind Tilt vs SOMA Tilt 2 – Smart home automation for horizontal blinds with twisting rod

Switchbot is branching out from their smart home curtain robot to include a new smart blinds controller. Unlike the Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1, the new SwitchBot Blind Tilt is designed for horizontal blinds. There are not many competing options on the market. SOMA has been a popular option for both roller blinds and horizontal … Read more

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box Review with Signe Gradient Floor Lamp & Gradient Lightsrip

I have recently expanded my range of Philips Hue smart lighting in my TV room with the Gradient Lightstrip and Gradient Signe Floor Lamp. The one missing piece to the system has been the HDMI sync box which allows me to synchronise anything on the TV with my lighting. Specifications 4 x HDMI In HDMI: … Read more

New WiZ Smart Lighting Products Launched Including Ceiling Lights, Light Bars and WiZ Portable Button

WiZ is a smart lighting brand I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. They are owned by Signify, who also owns the Philips Hue brand, and WiZ appears to be positioned as a more affordable alternative to Philips Hue. A good example of this is a pair of warm white GU10 spotlights from … Read more

Insteon Guide: Windows 11/10 Home Hyper V installation for Home Assistant Windows Portable (HassWP)

Following on from my previous Insteon posts about setting up Home Assistant Windows Portable (HassWP) and cheap PCs to run as a server for Docker/Insteon. This post is a guide for anyone wanting to get Home Assistant Windows Portable working on a PC running Windows Home. In my HassWP original post, I installed Home Assistant … Read more

How to use Insteon devices without a cloud connection – Set up Home Assistant on Windows

Yesterday, I reported that Insteon has gone out of business and shut down all their cloud services with no notice. The Insteon app uses the Insteon servers to process the requests from the app, effectively making it useless. Things like schedules are stored on the hub, so these will continue to be processed. However, not … Read more

Insteon smart home automation servers are down & the company is believed to have gone bust

Update: I have written a basic guide on how to get Insteon working with Home Assistant on Windows. Update 2: Confirming what we already knew, Insteon has formally ceased trading and has posted a notification on the website. Users are also being contacted with a Important Notice to Creditors. It is currently being reported that … Read more

TP-Link Tapo P110 Energy Monitoring Smart Plug Review vs Kasa HS110 & KP115 – Half the Price, Almost Identical

I recently wrote a post on ways to try and reduce your electricity bills. One of the main tools I have used in identifying power-hungry devices is the now discontinued TP-Link Kasa HS110. It is a superb smart plug, and have used several of them in combination with the KP105 to monitor and control some … Read more

We.lock Smart Lock Review [SOHO-EU] – Pin code & RFID smart lock makes this more convenient to use than Bold

We.Lock, or Welock, depending on which site you go on, is an affordable Chinese brand specialising in smart locks. They offer a wide range of locks catering for different markets. This includes locks to cater to US deadlocks and a different set of products for the EU market, which typically having a more secure multi-point … Read more

Airthings View Plus Review – An impressive 7 sensors including radon and particulate matter

Since taking an interest in Indoor Air Quality and using and reviewing air purifiers I have found my hay fever and breathing has improved quite a bit. With so many people suffering from allergies and breathing issues I think air quality is an area of health that is becoming increasingly important to people. I have … Read more

Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum Review – Camera-based VSLAM mapping and home security

UPDATE – New Discount Offer: Available on Amazon here Before price: £299.99 After price: £219.99 (£50code+10%off code) Discount code: mightygadget Start Date: 07/03/2022 8:00 GMT End Date: 20/03/2022 23:59 GMT    There are a huge number of robot vacuums on the market nowadays, and many of them all seem to offer the same features, with few offering anything worthwhile that differentiates themselves. I have recently covered quite a few robot vacuums … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro Review vs Philips Series 3000i

I have previously reviewed the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan and attributed its air purifying feature as a significant component in the improvement of chronic nose congestion I have suffered. I also personally own the well-reviewed Philips Series 3000i and have reviewed some cheaper air purifiers. The problem is that the Phillips and Dyson air … Read more

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