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Which are the best Betting Apps for UK and Irish customers

Which are the best Betting Apps for UK and Irish customers

In the two decades since the internet found its way into almost every household in the land, the impact of the World Wide Web has been absolutely massive. Social media dominates all aspects of everyday life for people of all ages and even the most mundane task can be undertaken at the press of a few computer buttons. Online banking has made transferring money and paying bills far easier, while placing a bet on your favourite football team or backing a hot tip in the 2:40 at Newmarket no longer means having to traipse down to the local high street bookmaker with a pocketful of cash.

Indeed few industries have undergone such a far-reaching transformation as the betting industry and while many high street betting shops still cater for the ever-decreasing number of punters for whom the internet holds little appeal, the vast majority of gamblers now place their bets at one of a rapidly growing number of online betting operators. 

There are many benefits to be gained from betting online, the most obvious one being that placing a bet no longer means having to leave the house. All bookmakers now offer a wealth of betting markets which can be accessed at the touch of a button and over the past twenty years a growing number of punters have changed their betting habits completely. 

Another notable benefit of betting online is that almost every single betting provider offers an incentive for new customers in the form of a welcome bonus of some description, usually free bet offers or a matched deposit bonus. This is a complete change of direction from the days of high street betting shops and it gives players a chance to get off to a winning start, sometimes without the need to part with any ‘real' cash. These free bets come in a great many forms but they often require the player to make an initial deposit and place a first bet.

While online betting has continued to grow in the past couple of decades, online bookmakers have moved with the times as all major operators now offer their services through mobile apps. Indeed betting via an app is fast becoming the preferred platform for most players and this gives punters the benefit of being able to bet ‘on the go' using their mobile or tablet. Betting apps allow the player to gain access to all of the markets offered by the main desktop website and the odds here are also exactly the same as the main site, while apps also offer forums which allow punters to share tips and compare the latest football scores and sports news.

New players can still claim bonuses when registering using one of the many free betting apps offered by online betting providers and they can also keep track of their betting habits and set daily or weekly limits should they wish to do so. Betting apps also allow the player to cash-out on running bets while they all allow instant deposits and withdrawals to be made. Many apps are geared towards Casino players and these offer a huge range of online slots and games as well as welcome incentives in the form of UK free slots which are aimed exclusively towards players on these shores. 

In an ever-changing world, the betting app is here to stay and this can only be good news for the punter. Indeed, betting ‘on the go' is a clear reflection of a trend which has involved a noticeable shift of trade from the high street into the living room. Where do we go from here? Who knows, but exciting times certainly lie ahead.