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Where and how to get a virtual phone number: new anonymity era 

Where and how to get a virtual phone number: new anonymity era 

A virtual phone number in 2023 is the new normal. So what is it? 

This is a working and actual phone number that is not fixed or associated with any physical device, location, or person. You can get any SMS, calls, or notifications to a virtual phone number, or alternatively, they can be redirected to any smartphone, or computer, or even forwarded to any ordinary phone number, allowing them to remain anonymous.

By the way: A virtual business phone number works via the Internet, unlike regular numbers from operators. And thanks to this, it offers richer possibilities than a traditional room.

What if you need to get a virtual phone number?

For example, do you need to buy a virtual number to receive SMS, register on a website, on a social network, or anywhere? Maybe you need to receive an SMS with confirmation once, or maybe to use it for a long time. And it does not matter which country.

How to do this and which company to choose to sell a virtual number?

How to get a virtual phone number for SMS, or a long lease

It all depends on what purposes you will use the virtual number for – for example, account registration, mailing lists, regular communication, etc. Popular services offer 2 types of virtual phone numbers:

  1. virtual number for SMS and any notifications
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  1. lease of virtual number

Phone rooms are usually provided from a common database – this is precisely how the ESIM plus service works. Therefore, when renting a number, we don’t know whether this number was previously used for one-time SMS reception and whether it was fully rented before (and for what purposes, respectively, it was used).

By the way: In 2023, buying a virtual number is almost a standard request. We used to think that a phone number from an operator is a mandatory attribute of any person. But we are calling on the phone less and less often. It is convenient to use messengers at work, to contact relatives via FaceTime, and with everyone else using text or audio messages.

Why would you need a virtual phone number?

Firstly, all government agencies and structures require a telephone number. Without it, enrolling in a hospital or complaining to a management company is impossible. A virtual phone number will help you register everywhere without violating your anonymity.

Secondly, you cannot register in any messenger without a phone number. Strangely, the long-forgotten Skype allowed you to register an entry using e-mail, a phone number was required only as an additional security measure. 

If you need to register an account with maximum anonymity – a virtual phone number to help.

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Thirdly, banks are very fond of phone numbers. You will not be opened an account, will not be issued a card, and will not even be allowed to register in the application without confirming the current phone number. There is no anonymity in banks because here the use of a virtual number is justified only to avoid unnecessary interactions with the bank.

Fourth, sometimes the number is needed for some “gray” purposes (for example, mass account registration), here you can use virtual phone number services. You can rent a clean virtual number that can be used for receiving and sending SMS.

A final word about the price

Finally, we will indicate that the subscription fee for a virtual number in comparison with some SMS message reception services will be much lower, it is much cheaper than the operator's subscription fee. With this cool modern option as a virtual number, you will buy yourself no privacy issues and guarantees that you will be able to use it for any purpose.