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What to Look for in a Gaming PC

What to Look for in a Gaming PC

When you build or buy a gaming PC, there are plenty of components you need to consider, and plenty of options to research. When you’re new to buying gaming PCs, it can be difficult to know whether to buy a pre-built or build one yourself. Typically, you can control the build and spend less money if you build it yourself. However, a pre-build offers the luxury of not needing to worry about putting the parts together wrong. Whichever way you choose to receive your PC, you will need to understand the following list of components and know what to watch out for.

Graphics Card

Modern games take heavy hardware to play, which means that integrated graphics are no longer an option for gaming PCs. Instead, you will need to invest in a dedicated graphics card (GPU), which will typically be the most expensive component of your computer. There are two types of GPU from manufacturers Nvidia and Radeon AMD, with Nvidia being the most popular of the two.

Typically, the more expensive the graphics card, the more powerful the GPU will be. When choosing a graphics card, decide which games you want to play and choose a graphics card higher than what is recommended. If you want to use your gaming PC to play real money USA online slots at online casinos, you can easily get away with choosing an integrated graphics CPU.


The CPU is the brain of the computer, and it needs to be powerful so that it’s not throttled by the GPU. There are two main CPU manufacturers, including Ryzen and Intel. They both offer quality CPUs that perform well, so the choice comes down to preference really. You can work out which CPU to choose by reading online reviews and comparing the recommended specs of the games you wish to play. If you want to save money on your build, choose a less powerful CPU, and you can always upgrade later.


Your RAM is essential and is different from your storage memory – it refers to the amount of space your computer has to carry out tasks. The higher value of RAM you have, the more you will be able to do with your computer. Typically, 8-16GB of RAM is sufficient, but you can choose to have up to 32GB installed. However, you will only need 32GB if you plan on working with 3D rendering.


Game saves can take over 100GB of space, so you need to have a storage device large enough to cope. The most popular choice for storage is an SSD because they are relatively affordable and operate at high speeds. If you want to get even faster loading times, you should have an M.2 storage card loaded directly onto the motherboard.

Gaming PCs are extremely powerful these days, which means there are more parts to research when buying one. Typically, the higher the price of the item, the more it will be able to do.