What is the Biggest Game in eSports?

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When it comes to grabbing the biggest game title in eSports, it probably would depend on the popularity of a title, a number of players who have tried it and tournaments that have been organized around it.

As per the popular eSports games that are trending this year, here are the top five games to know about in 2019.

Top Competitive eSports Games in 2019

These comprise games played on PC as well as on consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, and others. The following titles in on top in most rankings this year:

  • Fortnite

This ranks high in popularity this year as found at sites like https://esportsbettinginsider.com/. It is available on PC and other platforms as well and is the latest offering of Epic Games. Those who like competitive titles will like this one for sure. When you open the game you find yourself in an arena where there are 99 others; one needs to do everything they can to emerge as the victor. The game allows players to collect different resources through different levels, build structures to defend themselves as well as collect loot equipment. The eye of the storm becomes smaller as one progresses and one comes in more into the center.

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive

This still reigns among newer titles. It is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Being an award-winning title by Valve Corporation, it is a game played in first-person shooter mode. Here terrorists are pitted against counter-terrorists; it is played in teams where there are certain directives issued such as the rescue of hostages, killing opponents or gaining points to complete certain objectives.

  • Overwatch

This title is available for playing on PCs, PS4, and Xbox One among others. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it is a first-person shooter game as well. It has become a competitor of CSGO since its release in the year 2016. It has become a favorite of many as it offers team-based gameplay. One needs to pair up with 5 others and battle out different objectives such as lending team a hand, taking down opponents, defending a territory. It is mainly known for its action-packed sequences; these can be played in short bursts or as day-long sessions; today it contends with Dota 2 to be the top contender in competitive games.

  • Dota 2

This has been a long-running title, competing with CS: GO though it is also developed by the same company Valve Corporation. It has been their answer to the demand for games around battle arenas. Here a player gets added in a team of four and they need to fight another team. Both sides have a territory to defend while they also try to destroy the base of the enemy camp. The game blends in team gameplay with a focus on individual players who assume heroic characters. Each hero has different abilities and they gain experience points, special terms that enhance their competitive levels.

The above games, especially CSGO, Dota 2 and Overwatch have gained popularity due to the competitive and lucrative tournaments that are organized around them. Valve has a dominant position in the industry and it acts as a driving force in promoting competitive gaming events and more titles being released by rival companies.

The Title that Takes the Trophy in Biggest eSports Game – Dota 2

Among the above mentioned high ranked eSports games, the current trophy holder is Dota 2, mainly because of the international prize pool it has amassed this year that passed $30 million. It has become the largest in the history of eSports as of the middle of 2019.

A few months ago the massive tournament was held for this game and the $30 million prize money was mind-boggling for most. The pot has been the largest ever seen in the genre of eSports and it shows the popularity and support that this segment has been commanding in recent years.

The summer of 2019 saw this tournament take place for MOBA players of Valve and it has been the biggest amount ever to be offered for a single event. The money has been raised partly by the sales of battle passes and it increased as more people bought passes to the event in August 2019.

The main event was held between August 20th and 25th at the Mercedes Benz arena in Shanghai, China. People could watch it live as well as catch it on live streaming on SteamTV or Twitch. Those who purchased a ticket to the International could pick their ticket and link the same to the Steam account they hold. One can watch the in-game sessions with control over the camera angles; hence, even if one was viewing the game online they could see from the perspective of the pro players. Those who held Battle passes were also able to make battle predictions and earn bonus points.

Those who could not make it to China were also able to connect at a local pub stops that had partnered up with the sponsors. The total money that was raised for the league was over $34 million.

Results of the Tournament

OG defeated Team Liquid in the finals and became winners for the second time. The team is now recognized as the back to back winners of the game in the world champions that have been held yearly. The international team ended up taking the whopping prize money$15.6 million. This accounted for 45.5 percent of the total prize pool money raised.

Ongoing Trends

Dota 2 is not the only eSports league to raise large amounts of prize money to lure players to the annual leagues. Close at its heel is Overwatch and its teams are large, across the world and are paying high subscription money to pay for the professionals to be part of the teams, train and get paid for the effort they put in for playing every season. They also help develop young talent and inspire many to become paid professionals in this emerging field of eSports.

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