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What is a mobile app?

What is a mobile app?

The mobile applications market is continuously doing very well. The trend is upward when it comes to the number of mobile app downloads. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down. People are using mobile apps both privately and for their business. You obviously can use a mobile app to make a doctor’s appointment, order transportation, contact your team at work, and send a proposal to a client. Everything at your fingertips – which in today’s world is quite a convenience – the things we could only often do on our computer, we can easily do just as well with our mobile device, which (let’s be honest) we carry with us sometimes even to the bathroom.

How can mobile app development make your business grow? What things you should consider before you reach out for custom mobile application development services? Here are the answers, read on!

Let’s start with some clarifications

What are mobile apps exactly? Mobile apps are software designed for users of smartphones and tablets. They are very frequently mobile versions of programs that we use on desktop computers, but with less functionality. They can also be much more advanced solutions. Their complexity depends primarily on the user’s expectations. 

Types of mobile apps

Since the market is so large, what types of applications are the most popular? User needs are growing and with them more and more mobile apps are being developed. The most popular types of mobile apps can be listed as: 

  • entertainment apps – like Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • gaming apps –  like Minecraft or Farmville
  • productivity apps – like Forest or Habit Tracker
  • social media apps – like TikTok or Instagram

Does it pay off?

Will you make money if you invest in developing a mobile app? Let’s answer the question with a question: will people stop using their phones? Of course not, so the mobile apps market will remain unthreatened. Is it worth investing in a market that is stable and still growing in popularity? The answer implies itself.

Mobile app development process

Mobile development starts with you, or more precisely, with your idea and business goal. You also need to determine what audience you want to reach and if your mobile app is supposed to help or simplify something for the users. Then you move with us, mobile app developers, to the technical part and actively participate in the creation of the custom mobile application software. We need to know whether you plan to develop a strictly mobile app or whether you plan to invest in a web application. And here we need to stop for a moment. Where did the web app come from all of a sudden?

Web-based apps use mobile devices

Web applications use mobile browsers – they redirect the user to specific URLs. The hitch is, that such apps are impossible to use without an Internet connection. Would your user like to use the application, even when they don’t have Internet access on their mobile devices? Think about the user experience of your target audience.

But on the other hand, web apps run really quickly. No jittering or unnecessary delays. All because they require minimum device memory.

Native or cross-platform apps?

Another difference is worth explaining. Native apps are created for a specific operating system and work only on it – Android or iOS (those you can find on the app stores, such as Apple App Store or Google Play Store). The main advantage of native mobile apps is the ability to use a native user interface in mobile application development. This converts into their high performance.

Cross-platform apps are the type of apps that run smoothly on every mobile device and system. It will look similar on both the Android operating system and iOS system or even Windows. It is also worth mentioning that building a hybrid app is also cheaper than developing a cross-native app. But it is a mixed blessing however, there may be differences in the design and functionality of the hybrid application. Of course, our team experienced in creating innovative mobile applications in Flutter will handle any fixes to address these differences, but some of them will be difficult to avoid.

Build your own mobile app with us

All you need to do is contact an experienced mobile app development company to digitize your ideas for a mobile app. We have many years of experience, as evidenced by our extensive portfolio and clients’ testimonials. Contact us and get the free estimate within 48 hours.

We will meet your every need and can create both a web-based application and a mobile application for you. Native or cross-platform – you choose because you are in charge. We carefully listen to your expectations and serve our knowledge for your business’ benefit.