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What Does the Future of Software Development Look Like?

What Does the Future of Software Development Look Like?

Software development is a field that changes at a breakneck speed. Its future is in the trends that are being developed in research labs and that are then adopted by software teams. 

A few of the current trends

Many trends that developers follow these days will shape up the future of software development. But to see where these trends are when it comes to their adoption depends upon the innovators, adopters and the majority of users who embrace these trends. 


Most innovators these days have adopted

  • Deep learning: It is a subfield of machine learning that is mostly based on artificial neural networks. This method teaches computer the human behavior. 
  • Blockchain: This technology uses cryptography to link together a growing list of records.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): It is the machine intelligence used in the development of software programs. 


Early adopters that are next in this curve to innovators are currently embracing 

  • Serverless: As is clear from the name, this technology strives to create applications that don’t require servers
  • Reactive programming: It is a paradigm that is mostly based on asynchronous streaming of data. 
  • Orchestration: It is the integration of two or more services and or apps to generate an automatic process or synchronization of data in real-time. 
  • Graph QL: It is a query language. That is what the QL stands for. It is used for APIs and runtime to complete queries with the existing data. 


Early majority has embraced 

  • Microservices: This method is used to develop software systems that concentrate more on building single-function modules that have specified interfaces and operations. 
  • Immutable infrastructure: In this infrastructure paradigm, servers are not modified once deployed. If something needs to be changed, new servers are developed to replace the old ones. 
  • API design: It is the process of developing application programming interfaces (APIs). They are used for releasing data and application functionality for the use of developers and users. 
  •  Lean: These are manufacturing principles that are applied to software development processes. 

All of the trends mentioned above are being followed today, but they help software developer teams achieve a future. So, what may happen in the future for this field?

A few future trends


It took about 40 years to develop the first few million apps, but it will only take 4 years the make the next few million apps. Statistics say that internet users will double by 2025. People will be able to develop things more easily and at a low cost. The cost of a new start-up is many times low than what it used to be 20 years ago. So, this means that there will be a lot of innovation in the development companies, be that custom software or software development companies.  


Apart from self-driving cars and self-flying taxis, hardware will vanish into the background. It will not be much of a part of the future. 

Proactive software

The use of AI will make software proactive. It will tell the software what a user wants based on its anticipation of the user needs, preferences and their behavior. Any software development company would be wise to hire fresh graduates with AI expertise. 

Smaller applications

Apps are getting smaller with time. Most of them use microservices and communicate with APIs. A custom software development agency will need to tackle the challenges associated with moving to microservices. 

Quantum computing

Quantum computing has already emerged, and it will change life as we know it. You can be much more creative and do more with quantum computers than with typical computers. To help you with programming in quantum computers, new languages are developed. 

Custom software development

According to some the future of custom software will not be that custom as far as the traditional sense of the word is concerned. Many anticipate that the need for developing custom codes for application will be significantly reduced. Specifically, developers won’t have to spend hours developing codes for individual features of various software programs and applications. In order to still be developing the features that users have come to love, developers will have to use APIs. 

APIs are a bunch of routines, protocols and tools that are used for developing apps. They are available in the form of web-based systems, operating systems and software libraries. In case of mobile app development, you can see them as a set of requirements that tell you how the app is going to communicate and share data with other software applications. APIs are everywhere these days. Almost every app that is functional today uses API that lets it communicate with other apps. Use of APIs will become almost an expectation. Custom software development companies like fortyseven use agile methods and work with various databases and APIs to bring you solutions. Fortyseven software professionals prioritize functionality and innovation and disregard the time-consuming processes that traditional developers use. This new wave of digital innovation is exciting. 

How can businesses benefit from this?

Businesses these days can easily reach their target audience with the help of social network platforms and mobile applications. Future for a company will be bright that is planning to use all that a custom software developer has to offer. Technologies that were once disregarded as incompatible are now in commercial use. Experts believe that technologies such as IoT and AI are on the verge of being adopted by businesses. If that’s the case, then businesses would be wise to either incorporate custom software development or hire help from a custom software development firm like fortyseven. You can know more about this from the CMO, Hanna Shneider, herself. They will help facilitate your business in a way that you’d never have imagined. 

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Software development is a field that changes very fast. What’s new today will be obsolete in a months worth of time. A developer would be wise to keep up with the changing trends. The future for software development is shaped up by what’s adopted today. AI and IoT are a few technologies that would dominate this field. 

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Thursday 6th of January 2022

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