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What Can We Expect from Apple in 2022?

What Can We Expect from Apple in 2022?

If you’re a fan of Apple then you probably already know what time of year it Is. Apple has just completed their first of their two yearly events and this time around we saw some huge announcements, including a potential iPhone 14 model coming later this year with some interesting new features rumoured to be in the works.

What Did We See at the 2022 Event?

There were a lot of surprises at the event, with some products being redeveloped that no one saw coming. The iPhone SE was a great release for Apple, offering a more affordable version of the hugely popular phone series for people that didn’t need all of the latest technology and wanted a more affordable way to buy into the Apple ecosystem. At the Keynote, Apple announced that the SE had received an update; the new SE model will feature an upgraded chip and tougher glass, but will retain the smaller size that keeps it so popular. One thing to note is that the price has been bumped up to $429 from the original $399.

The next item we’ll see released later this year is a new iPad Air model. The new iPad will come in 5 colours, features an ultra-wide 12MP camera and supports Apple Pencil 2. The iPad Air will now offer 5G and it’s got the new M1 chip so it promises to be a lot faster.

Speaking of the M1 chip, one of the biggest announcements is the new M1 Ultra chipset which is set to make devices much faster going forward – crashing will be a thing of the past!

What About The Other Apple Products?

There was also a lot of news for fans of iMacs. A new Mac Pro was kind of announced, then quickly dismissed saying that was “for the next event” so we likely won’t see this until closer to Christmas. In the meantime, Apple announced the new “Mac Studio”. It’s a slightly larger version of the Mac Mini, resembling a smaller version of the Mac Pro. Featuring the new M1 Ultra chipset, the new Mac Studio will instantly be one of the fastest products in Apple’s line-up. Alongside this, we saw the announcement of a new Studio Display. The new display offers a 27-inch screen, with P3 wide colour spectrum, a 12MP camera, a new and improved mic and an A13 Bionic chipset.

So, where was the iPhone announcement? There wasn’t one. iPhones are typically announced in the September event and are available for sale shortly after, so there wasn’t an announcement expected. However, iPhone news always gets leaked (intentionally or not, you decide) over the months leading up to a new release.

What Can We Expect About the iPhone 14?

Here’s what we know so far about the iPhone 14, even if Apple is refusing to confirm or deny anything.

The iPhone mini size (5.4 inches) will be scrapped due to poor sales. Larger phones have typically been successful in recent years so Apple will be focusing on these. The popular 6.1inch model will be likely to stay, alongside a 6.7inch Pro Max. In addition to the refreshed screen sizes, Apple will finally remove the camera notch from the top of the screen on the Pro models. Sadly standard iPhone users will be stuck with the notch for a little longer.

The rear camera could be up for a redesign, but rumour mills can’t seem to decide at the moment. We could also see an improved speaker and microphone. Of course, every iPhone model features an improved camera so that’s a definite for the iPhone 14 – there are even rumours of some form of improved optical zoom.

It’s likely that the new iPhone will come with a new chip, rumoured to be the A16. This will help to increase power and efficiency. In addition to this, a new cooling system is rumoured to be in the works to combat the effects of 5G and more powerful chips that are bound to generate more heat.

The final rumour is the most ground-breaking – Apple may not put a SIM card slot in the iPhone 14. They will have to offer a physical SIM model in some countries, but it looks like they’re trying to phase it out.

The Future of iPhones and Other Smartphones

One thing for sure is that whether you’re Team Apple, Team Samsung or you prefer another brand, we’re all starting to demand more from our smart gadgets. Whether used for work, or more recreational purposes like browsing the best casino offers we want super-fast browsing, decent cameras alongside a whole host of other essential features. Each phone release has bigger and better features, some of which are designed to hit the headlines and gain customer attention whilst others are there to keep up with customer needs and demands, We definitely see smartphones almost like mini laptops now, using them for everything from placing a bet on a game of cards to signing contracts for big, important business deals. As such, the future for smartphones is likely to see a continuation of expansive features and ground-breaking technology.

Of course, for many it seems like there is only so far that phones can go and really, how many new, useful features can we add? Things like the taking away of headphone jacks on many of the modern phone releases have received a mixed reaction and it is likely that in the future we’ll see other changes considered just as controversial. That doesn’t mean that brands won’t make these changes, in fact for many the fact that people are talking about and debating these big changes means that they have done their job – because what’s to say that the features that have been removed from phones can’t be reintroduced in the future.

While we won’t know for sure until September, the iPhone 14 is likely to represent a huge change in mobile phone technology so don’t miss the September Keynote