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One of the renowned Olympics game, gymnastics is a large field with an array of disciplines. Hence, a bettor can explore various opportunities to suffice their gambling desires. But some gymnastic types are more common choices amongst gamblers due to their extraordinary betting odds.

So if you’re looking forward to gambling on this sport, consider these five famous gymnastics disciplines.

  • Artistic:

One of the prominent types in the Olympics, the Artistic gymnasium is a sport of flexibility, strength, and coordination. Men’s artistic gymnastics comprises still rings, Pommel horses, high bars, and parallel bars. On the contrary, women gymnasts use beautifully choreographed techniques on balance beams, uneven bars, and floor.


  • Rhythmic:

Women-only gymnastics event that has a 75 to 90 seconds routine. The rhythmic gymnasium is about endurance, agility, and hand-eye coordination. In this, gymnasts will perform graceful movements using objects like hoops, ribbons, ropes, and balls.

  • Trampoline:

Trampoline is also a famous gymnasium discipline that focuses on high-flying flips, twists, jumps, and somersaults. The Olympics has an individual trampoline event for both men and women.

  • Acrobatic:

Also called sport aerobics, this form is about strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. The athletes perform exhilarating moves for 60 to 90 seconds, including balance, dynamic, and combined routines.

  • Group Gymnastics:

Performed under TeamGym, this team sport has 6 to 16 all-male, all-female, or mixed acrobats. The routine requires three pieces of apparatus, i.e., a tumbling track, mini trampette, and floor.

What is gymnastics betting?

Gymnastics is an umbrella term that allows you to gamble on various national and international events throughout the year. So you can place bets on specific events, tournaments, teams, and individual gymnasts.

Sports betting sites frequently update odds for gymnastics events to provide competitive betting lines that attract more punters. Moreover, you will find a range of betting options to pick from as per your knowledge and passion for the sport. Hence, this sport has a vast scope for gambling fanatics.

How do you bet on gymnastics?

From uneven bars, parallel bars, pommel horse, and trampolines to the vault and floor, many elements play a role when considering available gymnasticsbet options. You can easily find various gymnastics markets on reliable offshore sports betting sites.

However, there is no specific rule for wagering on gymnasium sports. The only strategy that can work in placing a possible winning bet is staying up-to-date about past tournaments and winners. Further, follow the acrobats’ performance and scoreboard rigorously in the current events.

For instance, gymnasts from Russia, China, and the USA dominate team events. Besides, Chinese gymnasts have been leading the pack in the trampoline discipline for over a decade. Thus, studying the previous and latest performances can help you predict the most prominent bets in the upcoming games.

Different types of bet

You can choose from the following gymnastics bet types:

1. Money-line

Money-line bets are the most common choice during Olympics events. With this option, you can wager directly on an individual gymnast or country who can presumably win the game.

Bookies will feature bet lines as -100 and +100 standard odds for Favorites and Underdogs, respectively. Betting on Underdogs is risky, but payouts are always more than Favorites. Let’s understand with an example.

  • Favorite: -150
  • Underdog: +150

As per these lines, you will win $250 with a $150 wager on Favorites. It includes your $150 stake and $100 payout. But to earn on Underdogs, you’ll bet $100 to win $150 over it. So you’ll receive a $250 return if the Underdogs win.

2. Total

You will gamble on the gymnast’s or team’s total score in the game by choosing Total bet. The bookie will set a value for the event. Now you will wager over or under that specific value as per your score prediction. Hence, they are also called over/under bets.

3. Place Betting

In this simple yet exciting bet type, you’ll punt on the top “x” places you believe a gymnast will achieve. The betting options include the top 3, top 5, top 7, and others. It’s an ideal option if you find it hard to pick a winner for the event.

4. Matchup

With the matchup betting option, you’ll wager on the two competitors that can finish in a higher place as per your assumption. Similar to Place betting, there is no need to worry about the tournament’s winner.

5. Future

As the name indicates, you’ll predict and wager on the outcome of future gymnastic events. For instance, choose the gold medal winner of the upcoming tournament. But these bets come with a few risks, such as gymnasts being unable to enter the finals due to injury.

6. In-play

Popularly called live betting, it allows you to wager on gymnastics while watching the game live. This segment covers various similar bet options as above, like Moneyline, place betting, and others.

However, the odds for in-play betting change frequently in real-time based on the current scenario of the matchup. So you have to be on your toe to place bets carefully.

How much of your balance should you bet?

Like any other sport, responsible gambling is the key. Always maintain your bankroll while gambling on gymnastics for real money. Novice bettors should play on sportsbooks allowing low betting limits.

Since the final bet outcome depends on the gymnast’s performance and skills, it’s advisable playing smartly. Further, the three-judge panel evaluates the winners in artistic gymnastics based on three factors. It includes artistry, performance, and the level of complexity of the routines. So stay informed!

Wrap Up

Gymnastics is one of the most exciting sports to consider for betting. From the World Championships and the Olympics, its vast market variety entices many bettors worldwide. But ensure to choose the option that suits your sports knowledge and wagering skills.

The rule of thumb in gymnastics betting is only to risk what you can afford to lose.

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