How to make money with Helium HNT cryptocurrency

The ultimate Guide

By: James Smythe @ Mighty Gadget

Helium (HNT) is currently one of the best performing cryptos hitting an all-time high of $25 at the weekend. It is one of the few options on the market that you can make good money via mining

From $429 USD

Helium Hotspots available to buy



Est 10th of November @ $519

12-20 weeksfor $429

Neba, Rak etc

Suspended orders Supply issues for existing orders

The Helium Hotspot/Miner earning potential varies depending on hotspots near you, how you mount it, the antenna and a bit of luck. Earnings have dropped but $200-$2000 pcm are month is possible 

How much does a Helium Miner earn?

You can also earn good money trading HNT. Unlike meme-coins, HNT is a utility coin and has long term value. It's YoY growth is 1,515%

Buying and Selling HNT

Where to buy/Sell HNT




The main option but you may need to convert to BTC and transfer out to another exchange if you want GBP/USD

Recently enabled deposits and withdrawals of HNT