A new affordable model in the Realme GT series. 

The Realme GT Master comes in grey vegan leather with the design inspired by a suitcase!

Snapdragon 778G

The new phone has a powerful but efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset

>>> Design

Grey Vegan Leather

The GT Master has the same dimensions and basic design, but it switches the bright yellow vegan leather for grey. I like it and it is good to see these different materials used on lower priced phones

>>> Score:85/100

>>> Photography

The Master GT has a competant camera

Most people will be happy with the camera but it is one of the weaker areas of this phone. The new GT Master Explorer is the phone to get if you are a keen photographer

>>> Score:70/100

>>> Performance

A big upgrade from the SD765G

The Snapdragon 778G offers a decent 27% uplift in performance vs the SD765G of last year in the Antutu benchmarks.

>>> Performance Comparison

No thermal throttling but not the best gaming chipset

While it is a massive upgrade vs last years 7-series chipset, it falls way behind the just-announced Explorer Master with the SD870. However, there is almost no thermal throttling (unlike the SD888)

>>> Score:80/100

>>> Display

120Hz AMOLED Display

The Realme GT Master has the same display as the flagship Realme GT. It is extremely responsive and a nice size in the hand

>>> Score:85/100

>>> Battery

Superb Battery

The Realme GT Master will easily get you through the day and lasts much longer than the flagship Realme GT. It then has 65W charging, just like the flagship model.

>>> Score:90/100

>>> Price

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i

Official pricing is from 499 USD An early store listing indicates the EU pricing will be 399-Euros for 8GB/256GB

>>> Score:85/100

>>> Results

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