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Useful Online Features of Sports Betting Apps

Useful Online Features of Sports Betting Apps

The betting industry is big business right now, and as it expands globally, there are ever more betting operators coming online, providing cash out betting sites and apps. 

Even if you aren’t a betting customer, you can’t have failed to notice the high profile of betting these days, but what you may not be aware of is how many features the best betting apps include, all designed to make things easier for bettors. Here are some of the main useful tools you can find with betting apps. 

Cash Out

You’ve no doubt heard about Cashback, but cash out is something very different! The Сash Out option makes it possible for betting customers to withdraw their winnings before the event they are betting on has finished. How is this possible?

Well, bookmakers that offer this facility on a market will constantly update the ‘cash out’ amount available to those who have bet on the market, while the event is running. 

Let’s say you’ve bet £20 on Liverpool to win a football match at Evens. With ten minutes to go, Liverpool are winning 2-1. You check the Сash Out option on the market and the figure is at £35. This is slightly less than your return for a winning bet on Liverpool, which would include your stake of £20 plus £20 profit for a total of £40. But it guarantees that you make a profit even if Liverpool concede a goal and draw 2-2. 

You can also cash out on bets that are losing, cutting your losses, and some bookmakers apps will enable you to do a partial cash out, leaving the rest of your bet running .

Live Streaming

If you’re betting on an event in-running, then it is vital to be able to watch the action unfold. That’s why bookmakers are increasingly offering live streaming of sports events alongside their betting markets. 

Some bookies require you to have had a minimum bet on an event before you are able to access the live stream, though this is usually a nominal figure, and some betting apps will offer unrestricted access to live streaming, enabling you to watch your favourite sports. 

Bet Builder

Putting together an accumulator or similar type of bet on markets from the same event can be fiddly, particularly if you are doing it on your mobile device. You have to navigate between markets, find your option, check the odds, weigh up your stake and so on. 

To make this process easier, some bookmakers offer a Bet Builder tool. This is a handy online tool through which you can assemble bets from different markets on the same event through a single portal, which is particularly handy if you are trying to get your bet on just before an event starts.

Bet Editor

The Bet Editor tool has some similarities to the Cash Out option, but is a more comprehensive betting tool that gives punters even more control over their bets. 

Using the Bet Editor, you can make changes to your bets before the event you have bet on has concluded, either beforehand or while the event is ongoing. 

The precise way that the Bet Editor works will vary from bookie to bookie but most will give you the option to change or swap your bet for another option, alter your stake or remove some of your selections altogether, giving you more control over your bets. 

Betting Guides and News

Some betting sites will offer handy articles and guides. These include guides to the basics of betting, along with news articles and general tipping previews.

These can be useful, although you should always think through your own bets carefully and be wary of following tips promoted on betting sites. 

Responsible Gambling Tools

All reputable bookmakers will also offer responsible gambling tools, through their sites and apps to help betting customers stay safe. These will often include: 

  • Self Exclusion 
  • Deposit Limits
  • Time Out
  • Profit and Loss Indicator
  • Betting Time Limits

All UK-licensed bookmakers should offer these options and additional advice in the Responsible Gambling section of their site, and these tools can be very effective in helping people to control their gambling and to combat problem gambling. You can have a look at the list of licensed UK bookmakers at Match.Center.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.