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Bitcoin is the fastest-growing asset in the world, with a 1000% increase in value since November 2013. Visit BitProfit system to best use popular bitcoin trading strategies like intraday and swing trading. Yes, it’s unpredictable because of the lack of regulation and stability, but it’s still gaining traction as people become more greedy for short-term cash.

 Bitcoin has already gone up to USD 40000 (and counting) per 1 Bitcoin or BTC. Bitcoin is an excellent source of incentives, for instance, offering more than 20 ways for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to make money with bitcoin; some professional ways include cryptocurrency development and blockchain development.

Therefore, Bitcoin is a digital currency and cannot be sold physically/. Bitcoin exchange is like a stock market yet significantly different in where investors can buy and trade it in real-time. To find the best place to sell bitcoin, one needs to research the Internet or ask someone who has traded before. If you cannot make up your mind, you can visit this list of Best Bitcoin Exchanges in 2018. Let’s discuss the top-class ways to attain profits from bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Mining:

Bitcoin mining is one of the most talked about ways to profit from bitcoin. There are two ways bitcoin mining can be done: on your own or as a part of a pool. Mining by yourself means you have to buy expensive equipment and software that cost thousands of dollars and put it to use in your room, which will consume loads of electricity from the wall sockets. On the other hand, mining in pools does not require special equipment or software, as everything is shared on the cloud and solved there by miners who are paid for their work with bitcoins.

2. Bitcoin Staking:

Bitcoin staking is a type of passive income generation in bitcoin. To invest and generate passive income, one must buy bitcoins through an exchange and stake the coins they’ve bought. After which, those coins are returned to them after a certain period or when other people spend their bitcoins on their behalf. The time it takes to return the coins will depend on how well you have staked them.

3. Bitcoin Arbitrage:

Bitcoin arbitrage is where cryptocurrency traders purchase similar products or services from different sources at different prices which offer differing benefits, see-through the difference in price between exchanges. By taking advantage of this price difference, investors have the potential to make a considerable amount of money by purchasing and selling on two different exchanges.

4. Bitcoin Trading:

Bitcoin trading is where investors buy and sell bitcoins with each other directly without any intermediary or fees involved. However, several other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc., need to be bought or exchanged for BTC before people can trade them for real money (USD) on the exchange market.

 People trade cryptocurrencies for short periods to make money from the volatility in their market values, earning profits from minute to minute, hour to hour, or even days due to extreme volatility. It’s very similar to traditional stock trading, where investors buy and sell stocks or shares of a company in the form of cryptocurrency.

Different bitcoin trading strategies:

Investors can utilize plenty of different trading strategies to make money with bitcoin. The two most popular ones include the following:

Swing trading: Swing traders should have around $1,000-$3,000 in their trading account before starting up. The riskier the trade, the more money one needs to put up as a margin, so they don’t wipe out their accounts alone.

Swing trading involves buying and selling bitcoins within minutes, hours, or days rather than holding onto them for a long time like other forms of investments. It is done by oscillating between the buy and sell price whenever possible in anticipation of future price movements.

 Day trading: This involves buying and selling bitcoins on the same day based on market volatility. It’s less risky as there is no overnight money exposure in the market. However, it also limits how much one can make. A $10,000 account would do good to earn up to $ 500-day trading bitcoins.

5. Bitcoin Investing:

Bitcoin investing, simply put, is where investors buy bitcoin at a lower price and find other ways to make money from it. For example, it could mean they buy bitcoins in large quantities and sell them off when the price increases. It is possible by buying shares of a bitcoin-related business on an exchange.

6. Micro Earning:

Micro Earning is where people are rewarded in small amounts for visits and clicks from your website or other people’s websites. Earning potential depends on the advertisers and offers you choose.

7. Bitcoin Lending:

Bitcoin lending is where you lend someone your bitcoins so they can start trading with them while they are away or can’t access their account for different reasons.

8. Accepting bitcoin payments:

Accepting bitcoin payments is a great way to get your first bit of cash by facilitating the transactions. You can also use this method or get paid in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

9. Automated Payment Processing:

Suppose you want to scale up your business and automate your entire payment processing process with bitcoin. In that case, you should consider buying and developing a cryptocurrency payment gateway that accepts bitcoin and pays automatically in USDs and other local currencies.

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