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Top 7 Gadgets That Add Value to Your Home

Top 7 Gadgets That Add Value to Your Home

Recent studies on the use of technology in homes reveal that nearly 57% of them have at least one smart device. Smart devices help control various electronic appliances in homes like lighting, security, TV, and more.

The most interesting part of the use of smart devices is that they are not just for tech-lovers. The use of such devices can make homes efficient and cheaper to maintain. So, let us see what gadgets UK homes prefer to use in their homes.

1. Smart light bulbs

Lighting is the first part of a home to receive a smart makeover in UK homes. The reasons are that it is easy and affordable. You can replace the existing bulbs in your homes with smart bulbs.

From floor lamps to wall lights and ceiling pendants you can use these smart bulbs anywhere in your home. The lights have customizable scheduling options. You can set your outdoor lights to switch on at dusk and switch off at 3 am instead of waiting for daylight. You can control the lights even if you are not at home using the inbuilt Bluetooth technology.

2. Smart showers

Bathroom showers get an exciting makeover with smart technology. You can set your shower to work for a particular length of time. With voice control, you can set it to start and stop, and control the temperature. Some send you alerts when the shower is ready as per your customized options.

If you want to have the benefits of a shower and a bath without taking up much space, a shower bath is a great option. Letta London offers compact and fully functional designs that fit in the smallest of bathrooms. Picking the right shower bath design is easier now with sites like Letta London. You can find shower baths in all shapes and budgets from the biggest brands in bathroom fixtures and fittings.

3. Video Doorbell

Video doorbell allows you to see the person at your doorstep and speak to them without opening your door. It offers many benefits to homes like

  • Avoid knocks from going unheard
  • Ignore cold callers or unwanted visitors

The bells work by connecting to the Wi-Fi in your home. An alert is sent to the device you have chosen if a visitor arrives. Using the integrated microphone and camera you can view your front porch and talk to the visitor without moving from your sofa. In a way, the video doorbells are like home security cameras offering good protection.

4. Thermostats

Smart thermostats monitor and control your energy use. You can find many models such as Hive, Nest, and Honeywell. The devices offer advantages like

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home voice assistants
  • Create customized energy use based on the weather and home insulation

Mobile apps for such devices enable easy and convenient controlling of the device even when you are away from your home.

5. Security camera

Security cameras record the outside and inside of your home. They save the footage either in the device or on the cloud. You can watch the feed live by connecting the device to your smartphone. Some important features that these cameras have are:

  • Night vision
  • Notification alerts
  • Large storage in the cloud or locally for the recorded footage
  • Microphone for giving voice commands

The presence of audio capability that identifies unusual noise indoors and facial recognition are some advanced features that increase the protection these devices offer.

6. Robot vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners are popular now due to the many advantages they offer. While the existing vacuum cleaners have plenty of features, you still need to operate them which is tedious and a big hassle.

With a robot vacuum, you can be finally free of the boring chore of cleaning your home. The models present now can move about your home without getting stuck at the slightest obstacle. They have high suction power on all types of floors and can vacuum fine or coarse dirt.

7. Smart oven

Ovens using tech can now take care of all aspects of cooking. You are left only with the work of putting your dish inside and taking it out.  Smart ovens can identify the weight of the food and adjust the temperature and time accordingly. They offer multiple cooking menus for different types of foods ranging from cakes to pizzas.

Other advanced features found in the models present now are integrated cameras and touchscreen doors. Some models can even cook multiple food items at different temperatures at the same time.

Final word

Smart home devices have changed the way we live. They help to simplify our daily routine and help homes to become more energy efficient. Whether it is a thermostat, lighting, or showers, UK homes are using smart devices more prevalently now than ever before. Considering the various benefits these devices offer the changing trend is not surprising.