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Top 5 Latest Car Technology Advancements

Top 5 Latest Car Technology Advancements

We only see or read technological advancements in automobiles from science fiction. The tech is so advanced that actualizing it cannot happen any time soon, even when we give it about five years. But that does not deter some brands from raising their bars. Mercedes, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and Infiniti are leading in this space, and their latest technological advancements are currently available in vehicles in their showrooms.

As the manufacturers continue improving their features, auto warranty providers are also enhancing their services to accommodate the changes. CarShield warranty is a good choice for car enthusiasts buying ultra-modern vehicles since it can be customized for different models. Let us see some of the latest car technology advancements that are truly breathtaking.

Artificial Intelligence

It is a form of technology that is taking the world by storm. Artificial intelligence can interact with its environment and learn, making it an essential tool for providing solutions through the data it processes.

Car manufacturers are incorporating this tool into their models. Drivers get a better vision when driving at night since AI can detect darkness and automatically light. 

Besides providing a clear vision, AI helps detect faults in a car through regular inspection and issuing warnings to the driver. Driver’s safety is also something this technology takes into consideration by limiting the speed used and keeping the driver on track through voice assistance.

Biometric Access and Seating

Technology aims at doing things easier and faster. Some car manufacturers have made passwords and keys a thing of the past. They have introduced a cool feature that allows you to unlock your ride using your biometrics—think of fingerprints and retina scanners. The concept imitates that of phone and vault unlocks.

Another exciting thing about biometrics is they are also used on drivers’ seats. Your data is taken using facial or fingerprint identification. This data helps advise you when to stop driving as it analyses your fatigue and anxiety levels. 

Since fatigue is a common problem among drivers, the biometric seats help reduce the occurrence. From your data, it can advise you to take a rest and resume driving later if the information shows you are not in good condition to drive. The analysis can also reduce the chances of getting involved in a road crash, in which fatigue is among the leading causes.

Vehicle Tracking Software

Car theft has significantly increased in 2020, which can be linked to the economic meltdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), approximately 880,995 cars were stolen. This figure is an increase from 794,019 in 2019.

It makes sense for manufacturers to embrace tracking technology in their models. Brands like Subaru, GM, Hyundai, and KIA are at the forefront in providing cars with this technology. It helps in enhancing security as law enforcement officers can easily find your car when stolen by tracking its location.

With the built-in software, it is possible to slow down the vehicle remotely so the thief doesn’t go far. Another exciting thing about this software is that you can stop the car from getting restarted when the thief shuts it off.

Besides car theft, your loved one can be trapped by a natural disaster and unable to communicate. If they drive a car with this software, you can easily track them and assist before it is too late. 

Wireless Smartphone Charging and Connectivity

Smartphones have become essential gadgets in our daily lives. Today, we can essentially do everything from our palms, thanks to the improved features and apps that allow us to have global connectivity. And this means farther reach and faster business growth.

To ensure you are continually in contact with your audience, automobile manufacturers have a wireless charging solution in their cars. It means your interior space remains neat as cluttering caused by tens of cables is no longer a headache you have to deal with. 

Instead of having a USB port, the wireless smartphone charging features a charging pad. It also serves as phone storage, which is convenient as you do not have to clutter your car space with your phone accessories.

Once you remain connected to your audience, the manufacturers also ensure you stay connected to your vehicle through your phone. How? With the wireless smartphone connectivity, you can connect your car to your phone by downloading the apps from the manufacturers.

With the apps, you can control your car remotely. For example, it could be starting the vehicle, checking tire pressure, locking and unlocking the doors, finding the nearest dealership, checking the gas level, and more. 

You may probably feel worried that someone else might connect their phone to your car and give it different commands. But manufacturers had this in mind when creating this feature. They provide a unique digital key that allows only you to connect your phone to the car.

3D Printing

Talk about efficient, safe, and fast production. 3D printing is a technology that enables car manufacturers to achieve all these. This tech can increase production since designing and testing the prototypes becomes faster.

The technology also ensures the production of compatible spare parts by manufacturers. These parts are tested during the prototype testing to ensure they closely resemble the originals used.

Car owners are often concerned about the durability of their car parts. This technology eases the worry by ensuring the composite materials used in manufacturing are durable, lighter, and strong. 

Some prominent companies offering 3D printing services to the automobile industry are Moi from Italy and 9T Labs from Switzerland. These companies produce carbon fiber products in large quantities. These companies apply robotic intelligence, additive fusion technology, digital fabrication, and continuous fiber manufacturing technology to ensure the products are strong, durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.

There’s more to expect from car manufacturers. Automakers are constantly looking to innovate and improve their products. Today, they have made leaps and bounds in terms of car technology advancements. Their creativity and innovation are propelled by their desire to get customer feedback and improve the areas that their customers are concerned about. Let’s look out to see what more they have in this space. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.