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Top 5 Free Anti-Malware Software

Top 5 Free Anti-Malware Software

Viruses are not the only threat these days, but other serious malware threats like ransomware, adware, scareware, scamware, personal data theft are on higher side.  Antimalware software helps to protect from all these threats. And if you have already infected then these tools are useful to get rid of malware infection.

Best Anti-Malware Software for windows

We have researched and listed below only the best free Anti malware software, on which you can rely and are effective in removal and protection of malware.

  • Malwarebytes
  • Hitman Pro
  • Zemana
  • Emsisoft
  • Norton Power Eraser
  • MSRT

Never trust any unknown malware removal tool. Instead of cleaning they can severely infect your computer which leads to serious problem like money loss, data loss, private information theft etc.

These tools are effectively able to clean malware along with providing real-time protection. Mostly all of these tools are free to use to remove malware from the system. For real time protection, you buy their premium subscription.

Best adware removal tools and antimalware software for 2020

1. Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Malwarebytes is a well known name for Antimalware software. It is very popular as it is FREE. You can use it free for life to scan and clean malware. As an on-demand scanner you an use it for free.

It is also providing a paid option where you can get real time protection. In real time protection it work in the background and stop any malware before they enter into the system. Malwarebytes is compatible with mostly all antiviruses and can be used along with any of your existing antivirus protection.

New Malwarebytes 3 includes new features like Ransomware protection, Exploit Protection, Web Protection etc. It stops you immediately to visit to a malware infected or scam website.

The only drawback of the free version is that it cannot perform realtime scans. Hence, if you wish to have automated protection, you can upgrade to the Pro version. Also, you can find great Malwarebytes offers and get it at the best price.

2. Hitman Pro

Sophos Hitman pro Anti-Malware Scanner

HitmanPro which is now part of Sophos security. It is a popular name for second opinion scanner. It uses its own database along with cloud based scanning with Top 3 Antiviruses engines Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Emsisoft.

Hitman pro also uses a behavioral based technology which detects even unknown threats. according to behavior it scans the suspected files using its cloud based technology scanning engine. The best thing is that it is very fast. It has scanning power of 4 scanners but still very fast.

But this utility is not completely Free, it offers 30 days free detection and removal. After that you have to pay to use it. It has both options you use it as a portable scanner or you can install it in the computer.

For realtime protection it comes as HitmanPro.It has a strong ransomware protection, webcam protection, usb autorun protection, exploit protection. It also comes with a keyboard encryption which makes it a powerful antimalware software.

Hitman Pro is fully compatible with any of the Antivirus Protection installed on the system. Hitman Pro is very effective in removal of Malware, Virus, Adware or unwanted programs etc.

3. Zemana Antimalware

Zemana has revamped its software and is powered with ai technology for more deep scanning and protection from the threats.

Zemana Antimalware can be a new name for the user, But it is an advanced version of the old popular software which was previously know as the Zemana Antilogger.

We found it effective against malware as well as adware. Cloud based multi AV scanning with its own database signatures make it a powerful cleaner. Its low price, effectiveness and free trial make it a good choice to choose.

4. Emsisoft Antimalware

Emsisoft antimalware scored very well in many AV labs. It uses multiple layer of protection and scanning engines which makes it unique .  Its user interface is with a nice look & feel and is user friendly.

It has features like Surf protection, Real time file guard, Behavior blocker etc.  In new version surf protection has been enhanced and new ransomware protection is added as another layer of protection. Its PUP protection is better then others and help to overcome adware and unwanted browser extensions etc. It also includes an option to create an emergency kit.

Apart from above tools which provides realtime protection here other 2 tools which can be used as malware removal tool only. These have no option for realtime protection. But if you are already infected with a malware these are worth to scan with to make sure there is nothing left behind.

5. Norton Power Eraser by Symantec

It is free utility from Norton. Norton is one of top trusted brand in the computer security. They have developed this tool to scan deeply to eliminate any type of malware, crime-ware, adware etc. which a traditional antivirus is unable to detect.

Even it is able to remove scam-ware from your PC as they described on their website. If you are getting lots of Pop up ads alerting that your computer is not secure? or your computer infected etc.. These ads can lead to Scam or ransom-ware. Norton power eraser is aggressively designed for these type of scam-ware. As it is very aggressive tool so it may remove even some legitimate program but don’t worry it has an option to review repair sessions and undo changes.

6. Malicious Software Removal tool by Microsoft

Very less people know about the existence of Microsoft’s Windows malicious Software removal tool, which effectively removes popular malwares, but only the known ones.  It is not effective for unknown threats.

It lacks of behavioral based protection. Microsoft updates it every month by adding removal of newly discovered threats. Users can install it and can run it every month to remove newly detected malware. It installs and sit in the background in stealth mode when there is no use of it. It does not provide any real time protection.

I can’t consider it as a full time malware scanner but can be helpful to remove, hard to remove malwares. Microsoft clears that it does not provide real-time protection and it can only be used as post infection removal tool.

As compared to other antimalware who updates their database almost every day, Microsoft only updates it once in a month. It also updates itself when windows update occur or you can download the latest version from here  . Some of the latest high risk malicious software removed by MSRT are like Vonteera, Fynloski, Winsec, Drixed, Brambul, Escad, Joanap, Diplugem, Tescrypt, Conficker etc.

Comparison of best AntiMalware Software

See a basic feature comparison of all the top malware removal tools compatible with Windows 10 for 2019. It can help you to make your decision for which Anti-malware should you choose?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.