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Top 10 content writing tips for email marketing

Top 10 content writing tips for email marketing

Modern digital marketing strategies largely rely on content marketing, whereby brands can promote themselves most comprehensively and clearly, addressing the customer through their text, videos, and diagrams. Content marketing, in its turn, features email marketing as its most effective practice, which brings an online businesses considerable income.

Email marketing is an intricate practice requiring marketers to have an abundance of writing skills, like professionals working for leading writing services. For this reason, given the global shift towards digital marketing, universities across the world have included in their curriculum academic courses that provide students with the knowledge of writing for email marketing purposes.

Let’s take a look at the selection of most helpful email marketing tips recognized for helping online brands skyrocket!

1. The First Impression Is All About the Subject Line

Whether or not your potential customer will open the email is contingent on its subject line. For this reason, it should be compelling and catchy and clearly mirror the idea of your email.

2. Personalization Is the Key

By personalizing your emails, your largely increase their appeal to your audience. Instead of sending emails that contain an identical form of addressing the recipient, make sure to include each recipient’s name in it.

3. Make Your Emails Clear

Engagement is the feature you should stick to when developing a subject line. But when it comes to the text body of emails themselves, you have to make them clear and concise in the first place.

4. Make Sure the Subject Line Relates to the Email Text

Shaping the subject line into a good hook is not enough for your emails to have a far-reaching impact on the customer. You should also connect your subject line to the email’s topic, instead of creating the introduction that runs counter to  your email content.

5. It Should Be Relevant

Try to connect your email to some trending subject, demonstrating your target audience that your product or service connects to what is popular and wanted nowadays.

6. Use Call-to-Action Phrases

It’s extremely effective to compel the recipient to deal with you by employing call-to-action language. Be sure to include phrases like “buy our product,” “contact us,” or “download our app.”

7. Mention Your Benefits, Not Features

In their emails, many marketers mistakenly highlight the striking features of their products or performance at large, rather than informing customers about what they will receive from the service. Remember: it’s not your outstanding image that clients want to know about, but the benefits they will get when dealing with you.

8. Keep it Concise

Don’t make your email text unreasonably extensive and verbose as this may turn your recipients off. In this regard, try to follow a succinct and clear manner of developing your email.

9. Employ Friendly Style

Be sincere and even somewhat casual when writing your emails. Keep in mind that overly reserved or official style will seem rather uninviting to your recipients.

10. Stay Away From Exaggerating Things

It’s also important that you don’t overdo your email “magnificence” and resort to providing the facts that are rather untrue, aiming to make a favorable impression on the user.